The changing face of brands - don't be the bad apple

Authored by redgenieuk

Brands are curious things, they consume time and effort to produce and yet for most small business their value is never tangible. From the largest multinationals to the smallest one person businesses, brands are everywhere and every person makes a decision with reference to them. What shampoo? which sandwich? where to go out? Each has its own unique message which effects each person...

Stamp price rises at end of month

Authored by George Dawson

The Royal Mail is reminding people that, from the 30th March, the price of first and second class postage stamps will increase by 1p each. This means first class postage stamps will be 63p and second class postage stamps will be 54p.

As part of these changes, there is also an implication to the cost of sending a large letter first class from previous levels meaning these too will...

Commuters rail fares over £5,000 a year

Authored by Mary

Some Commuters could see their travel costs rise to over £5,000 a year as the rail fares increase nationwide.

Industry organisation, the Rail Delivery Group, have said that increase is the smallest increase in the last four years but campaigners have said the fares are still rising three times faster than average incomes.

On average UK rail fares are set to rise by 2.8% but...

House prices highest since April 2008

Authored by Huw Oxburgh

House prices are now rising at 6.5% according to figures from the Nationwide Building Society.

The mortgage lender also claims that the average UK house and flat price has risen to £174,566 the highest since the April 2008.

The numbers suggest that the housing market is making a strong recovery since the recession.

Commenting on the figures, Robert Gardner, Nationwide's...

Flybe announce price lock-down scheme

Authored by Mary

Exeter-based Flybe has announced a new scheme which allows customers to book flights and to hold a "Price Lock-Down" fare for 24 hours before confirming and paying for their Flybe flight.

Travel planners will now have the benefit of being able to check and finalise all their travel details knowing that the price of a flight will held with the "Price Lock-Down". Customers may then...