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Italy's industry: innovation and tradition in Europe

Combining technology and tradition, Italy is confident and presses ahead to become Europe's leading force. Italian expertise insists that modern technology is combined with ancient craftsmanship. No sooner has an Italian industry been established than it is recognised worldwide. Europe's landscape would be incomplete without Italy.

Various specialized fields

Since it participates in...

Choosing the Right Plate Storage Boxes for Your Catering Business

Running a successful catering business requires meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to selecting the right equipment and storage solutions. Plate storage boxes, like those from Storage Box Shop , are essential for keeping your valuable dinnerware safe and organized during transportation and storage. In this guide, we'll explore essential tips for choosing the best plate...

How To Maximize Efficiency With Dry Hire Equipment

Dry hire equipment offers a cost-effective way to tackle your next project. When you dry hire machinery, you get the freedom to choose your own operators and avoid the overhead costs associated with a wet hire (equipment with operator) package.

But to truly maximize efficiency, careful planning and execution are key. Here's how to get the most out of your dry hire equipment rental...

Devon's biggest warehouses | Where are they located?

The location of Devon makes it a perfect area for the distribution of products like food and drink to neighbouring areas like Cornwall, Somerset and beyond. With the Devon district becoming the South West’s ‘cheapest rental area’ according to a new report , this makes strategic sense from a business perspective to keep large warehouses there.

Keep on reading to find out some of Devon...

Major employer announcement key opportunity for South West

The announcement of a major new employer locating to the Gravity smart campus in Somerset has been heralded as a key opportunity for the region.

Agratas, Tata Group’s global battery business, has been confirmed as the operator of the UK’s new battery gigafactory on the Gravity campus close to junction 23 of the M5 near Bridgwater in Somerset.

It represents a £4 billion...

Tom Fletcher’s The Creakers to launch at Theatre Royal Plymouth

International singer-songwriter and best-selling author, Tom Fletcher (McFly), brings his smash-hit book, The Creakers, to the stage in a brand-new musical perfect for young people and brave adults!

The world premiere stage production of The Creakers will begin its journey at Theatre Royal Plymouth from 25 October – 02 November with tickets going on sale to the general public on the...

5 Causes of Hydraulic Pump Failure and Why Routine Service is Important

Hydraulic systems can be a crucial part of your business if your products require high-power density or systems with changing load requirements. They are widely used across industries since they are easy to maintain, reliable, long-lasting, and safe.

And do you know what is the core of these hydraulic systems operations?

The hydraulic Pump.

It’s the most critical...

Revolutionising the Future of Energy: Klarian's AI and analytics tech redefines pipeline efficiency, paving the way for a low-carbon future

Leading innovator in pipeline technology, Klarian , has released details of its transformative AI solution, that has the potential to dramatically reduce carbon emissions associated with critical national infrastructure.

The solution takes a hybrid approach to pipeline condition monitoring and anomaly detection by combining physics-based insights with machine learning.


The Essential Building Block: Understanding Aggregates in Construction

In the realm of construction, aggregates play a fundamental role as the unsung heroes of building materials. Derived from various natural sources, aggregates are a crucial component in a myriad of construction projects, providing strength, durability, and versatility. This article aims to shed light on what aggregates are, the different kinds available, and their diverse applications in...

6 Key Construction Trends to Watch in 2023 and 2024

The construction industry is constantly evolving to leverage new technologies, materials, equipment, and processes that improve efficiency, sustainability, and results.

As a contractor or builder, closely tracking emerging construction trends will be imperative to staying market-relevant, competitive, and optimized for success in the coming years. From advanced building materials to...

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