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Home Decor Trends that Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to decorating our homes, we often find ourselves torn between fleeting trends and timeless classics. While experimenting with the latest design fads can be exciting, it's crucial to incorporate elements that stand the test of time. In this article, we'll explore home decor trends...

Amy Fenton

Amy Fenton


The Role of Double Glazing in Enhancing Home Security

When it comes to keeping our homes safe, we often think about alarms, locks, and maybe even a guard dog. But there's a silent hero in the world of home security that many overlook – double glazing such as Ultra-Seal windows . That's right, those two layers of glass in your windows aren't just there for insulation; they play a crucial role in enhancing your home's security. Let's dive into the...

Kids' mattress buying guide from Bedstar

The most important factor when buying a mattress for an adult is body weight, but with children, we also need to anticipate their growth – this makes choosing the right mattress a bit of a headache, but nothing we can't sort out.

Suppose your kid is over five years old. In that case, you can get an adult mattress with a medium-soft or medium rating, or even a medium-firm rating,...

Strategies for a Luminous Home during the Winter Season

As winter unfolds, days grow shorter, and the scarcity of natural daylight becomes a noticeable challenge. The significance of sunlight extends beyond sheer visibility; it plays a crucial role in uplifting our mood, boosting productivity, and improving overall well-being. In these colder months, harnessing every ray of sunlight and optimising indoor lighting becomes essential for a radiant...

When, what and how much?

As 2023 draws to a close, RGB Building Supplies is revealing some of the most searched for home improvement questions by South West residents over the last 12 months and outlines important considerations when taking on renovation work.

Paul Hague, branch manager of RGB Building Supplies in Tiverton, commented:

"It's fascinating to see the most sought-after home improvement...

British Gas and Barclays launch energy efficiency expo in Plymouth

British Gas and Barclays are running a series of free events to help Plymouth residents explore how to make their homes more energy efficient.

The ‘Exploring Home Energy Efficiency Exhibition’ takes place across six weeks, running until 9th December in the Plymouth City Centre Barclays branch during opening hours. The events will showcase some of the technology that could help...

Westcountry estate agents report from London

Last week, independent estate agents from a network spanning the Southwest made one of their regular trips to London to showcase property for sale across the region, at the Experts in Property ’s Westcountry Property Exhibition.

The latest venue for the exhibition was the library of the historic Mitre Hotel, which sits opposite Hampton Court Palace and was built for the previous King...

Simply stunning home with pool and exquisite features on English Riviera

Woods Bryce Baker, the Experts in Property estate agency in Paignton, is thrilled to offer for sale an exceptional detached house with sea views, elegant and luxurious interior spaces, a large garden, heated pool and pool house as well as unusual and awe-inspiring features including a laundry chute and an exquisite, circular in-floor wine cellar with spiral staircase.

Sitting in a...

Moving to the coast? See the UK’s best seaside spots here

There’s never a bad time to move to the coast. Whether you’re raising a young family or planning retirement, relocating to a seaside town or village could significantly improve your quality of life. An emergent data trend has suggested that people who live closer to the sea are more likely to report good health .

With the sea often providing easy access to natural landscapes and...

Here’s how you can move into a brand-new home in Devon before Christmas

‘Tis the season – a housebuilder in Devon is helping house hunters receive the best gift this Christmas – the keys to their dream home.

Redrow South West has homes available at three of its developments in Devon, all of which are ready to move into in as little as six weeks.

House buyers who want to move into their home before the festive period are...

Advantages of thermal radiators

For decades, heating devices performed only one function - maintaining the temperature microclimate in the room. But over time, owners of homes, offices and administrations of commercial establishments began to come to the conclusion that these devices are capable of more. For example, decorate the interior with yourself.

Therefore, more and more attention began to be paid to...

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