Mercedes-Benz South West complete expansion in Estover

Mercedes-Benz South West have successfully expanded its workshop facility adjacent to the existing Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) Centre located in Estover, Plymouth. The family-run franchise which possesses multiple sites located across Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset, has acquired a space...




Do these 5 things to make your car smell better

No matter how nice your car might look on the outside, driving to work or going out to run errands is always going to be a bit of a downer if your car’s interior doesn’t smell good. Your car’s smell doesn’t just affect your own driving experience. Do you really think you’re going to impress your date this weekend if your car still smells like the fish and chips that you ate during your lunch...

Microchip Shortage: Skoda Fabia Launch Date Delayed

The global microchip shortage is wreaking havoc all over the world, as supply chain remains a huge problem. These tiny chips can be found in almost every electronic device we own, from our mobile phones to our cars, and even our refrigerators.

As the crisis continues, many car manufacturers have been forced to delay the release of new models that were due to come on the market. Who...

Which family car is right for you?

If your family is growing, you’ve probably started thinking about getting a new car.

With a nationwide shortage of new cars prompting a surge in second-hand car prices , you might be tempted to rush to make your choice, but it’s worth bearing a few crucial things in mind first.

Things to consider

You’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons of any additional features...

Saving on Your Next Car Purchase

Buying a car will always be an exciting time for those who enjoy sitting in their car every time they get in to drive it, but this is not the case for everyone. Some may dread the process, and this is typically from those who see their car to get from point A to point B, and nothing more. Whatever kind of group you find yourself in, there is one thing for certain; both people enjoy saving...

Best SUVs for new families

An SUV is the perfect answer for those with new families looking for more spacious transport. There are hundreds out there, so let us pick out some of the best new and used examples. If you are looking to buy used, make sure to check the car’s price by doing a car valuation to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

1. Audi Q7 (2015-2019) Best for interior quality

A quiet,...

The right way to clean your new car

New cars are some of the most exciting vehicles to purchase and own. They give you such a powerful feeling, that it’s no wonder people want their car as theirs for as long they can have it! And when taking care here means keeping up with all aspects from washing off dirt during road trips or keep an eye out for scratches while parking on busy streets at night-all those little touches make...

Investing in customised number plates

In almost all cases, the value of your vehicle depreciates, given some time. However, it is not the same with the car's number plate, whose value tends to rise significantly if private. A number plate is a valuable investment for many people, and they are willing to spend significant amounts of money to buy one.

The number plate business is not so large, and the value for number...

Automobile repair tips and guidelines

If you need to repair your vehicle, then you likely want someone who can fix your vehicle without overcharging and can get it done very quickly. However, you may be wondering, how to identify the good and honest car body repair shops from the bad ones that will take advantage of the situation and overcharge you. We will now look at 5 guidelines on how you can find an honest and reliable auto...

Different types of car bulbs, how they work, and how to replace them with new ones

Lighting on a vehicle has three purposes: to make you visible, to aid in seeing, and to give you a signal. It's common to find different types of bulbs in a headlight, each one serving a different function.

Bulb Types: Halogen/Filament

The main/dip bulbs of all headlights were filament lights until relatively recently. Similar to normal household bulbs, they work by heating up a thin...

Sarah Crabtree

Bangers and Cash Star To Visit Devon

Sarah Crabtree star of TV hit series on the Yesterday channel will be hosting Torbay MG Owners Clubs famous " Giant Pasty Run " in 2022 on Teignmouth seafront Sunday 28th August .

The witty, funny blonde yorkshire lass has signed up with Torbay MGOC for the event and everyone is welcome to come and join in the fun.

The Pasty Run starts at Teignmouth upper den carriageway, early...

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