How Electric Vehicles are Changing the Car Repair Industry

Not too long ago, it was a rare sight to see an electric car on the roads. This is no longer the case as many motorists have made the switch in recent times and it is easy to see why . Electric cars allow motorists to make huge long-term savings, the cost of fuel is rising and there are now...




Tyre Performance Impacting Drive Quality

Has your car suddenly become uncomfortable? Do you feel tired after long drives, or experience muscle strains, as though you have been physically urging the car along the road? Has the pleasure of driving turned into something more of a trial? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your drive performance is in decline for some reason: and that reason is most often the tyres. Let us...

Top 10 most googled Car Tax questions

There are various rules and legislation in place to protect us and our vehicles on the road. This includes tax, MOT tests and insurance, which all help to ensure that our cars are safe to drive on the road and that our roads are properly maintained.

From looking for the best car deal on a comparison site to working out how to jump-start a car, we often turn to the internet to help...


The Benefits of Driving Electric Cars

While the history of the electric car dates back to the 1800s , electric cars have only started being used practically within the last decade. Certainly, the popularity of Tesla cars has encouraged a new wave of electric car users and more people than ever are starting to realise the benefits of using an eclectic car. However, not everyone is convinced just yet. So, if you are considering...

How the technology in cars is improving

When we think about car technology in the future, it’s easy to start imagining floating cars and all sorts of other sci-fi inventions. However, much of the latest technology in development is centred on making car travel safer and easier. Below, we explore how exactly the technology in cars is improving.

Self-driving systems

The race to create a safe and efficient self-...

8 of our best cars for bike racks

Things for cyclists to consider

Loading your bike into the back of your ride isn’t easy. In fact, sometimes it’s almost impossible. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the top cars for hauling your bike in the back, regardless of what type you ride.

Some of these cars may fit your bike without any accommodations. Others may require you to remove the front wheel or fold...

Everything you want to know about oil and fuel filters

Oil Filters

New car owners feel perplexed about when to change oil filters on their cars as there are numerous opinions regarding when to replace them. However, as different people have varied views regarding the same based on their respective experiences, one should overlook them to arrive at a suitable decision as to when to change them. It should, therefore, be decided only after...

Benefits of Buying Second-hand Cars

If you are in the market for a new-to-you car, but can't quite afford the model you would like, why not opt for a second-hand model? There are many pros to buying a used car, and many of the old cons have been banished thanks to tighter regulations or understanding, on the part of car sales companies, that the second-hand car market is a valuable resource to be treated respectfully. Let us...

4 Tips For Re-Selling Your Car

Planning on selling your car? Whether you are switching to an electric car, upgrading to a different model or simply looking to get rid of your car, you will find that this can be a stressful and tricky process. You will want to get as much as you can from the resale, find a suitable buyer and conduct everything above board. Here are a few tips that should help.

Clean the Car Inside...

Buying second-hand vehicle? Check it’s all ok, before you drive away

A significant change in people’s driving needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing new car production shortages saw the used-vehicle market grow by over 10% last year, according to industry experts, with over 7 million transactions worth £38 billion.

Buying a second hand vehicle is a big purchase, so Heart of the South West Trading Standards has launched a campaign to...

Motoring Fundamentals: How to Keep Your Car Insurance Premiums Low

Car insurance is not only necessary for protecting you and your car; it is the law. There are several options to choose from including full coverage and basic liability insurance, but you should always try to keep your premiums low no matter the type of coverage you have. Here are some strategies you can take advantage of.

Seek Out Multi-Car Discounts

One metric that many families do...

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