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First results for COVID-19 study into virus immunity

The first results for the Sarscov2 Immunity and Reinfection Evaluation, or SIREN study, currently running at University Hospitals Plymouth (UHP), have revealed that past COVID-19 infection does provide some immunity to the virus for at least five months, but people may still carry and transmit the virus.

The study, funded by Public Health England (PHE) and supported by the National...

Taking Care of Yourself Makes You a Better Mom

Self-care has always been a priority to any lady, but when you are a working mom struggling to cope with numerous chores and obligations, taking care of yourself usually falls under the "other" category. All the brave and hard-working moms out there should know that taking meticulous care of your outer and inner self will make you feel better and upscale your lifestyle which will enable you...

UK celebrities use CBD and what they say

CBD is contained in the buds of the flowers of the cannabis plant (specifically Hemp). Different from marijuana, CBD has less (<0.3%) THC. So, it doesn’t make anyone “High.” Instead, it directly interacts with the endocannabinoid system to calm down the body and soothe the mood with serotonin’s secretion, the natural mood stabilizer. Hence, CBD is used in treating people with anxiety,...

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Every GP practice in Devon offering appointments to eligible patients as four more centres open their doors

Four more GP-led vaccination centres are opening in Devon today (15 January) and tomorrow, meaning every practice in the county is offering appointments to eligible patients.

This week, patients in priority groups have been contacted to book appointments at new centres starting at:

  • Culm Valley Integrated Centre for Health, Cullompton

  • Lords

  • ...

Staying active in your home

As Lockdown across England puts an even greater emphasis on the health and wellbeing of older people in isolation, the Goldies Charity is increasing its weekly online content to include gentle chair-exercise at home.

When ‘Goldies’ were forced by Covid to cancel all their daytime sessions across England and Wales last March they then introduced online sessions through Facebook and...

Find the Opportunity to Cultivate a Healthier Mindset

Have you ever felt like there is a low hanging cloud that follows you like a shadow? Do you go through stressful situations or feel like you are on the verge of giving up? Have you ever felt like you get annoyed when you see happy people? The main reason why most people do not get satisfied with their lives or themselves is attitude.

As the statement goes, life is too short, and it...

Leading nutritionist says ‘Happy Apple Plan’ could be the easiest way to shift those extra Covid and Christmas pounds 

As we head into the New Year and those resolutions are fast upon us, health is riding high on the consumer agenda. Leading nutritionist Rob Hobson has partnered with British Apples and Pears to promote the ‘Happy Apple Plan', reaping the benefits of eating an apple before a meal as part of a healthy diet. Hobson says the ‘Happy Apple Plan’ is a simple way to lose those extra Covid and...

Minor infections that are important to keep on top of

Infections account for millions of doctor’s visits each year and they’re caused when another organism enters the body which leads to disease. Infections vary in severity, but even minor infections should be taken seriously and treated as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming more serious. You can develop an infection in a number of ways, from direct contact with someone who also has...

power yoga

The Health Benefits of Power Yoga

After having originated in India, Power Yoga has now been used in many fitness programs and training. Watching television has many physical and mental health benefits, and it's an excellent way to keep you fit and healthy.

What is yoga's impact on the world?

Power yoga is a vigorous class designed to be equally strengthening and exciting. Practicing power yoga every day will...

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New Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine being given to first patients in Devon

The new Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is being given to the first people in Devon today (8 January), with thousands more doses expected to be administered in coming days and weeks.

Unlike the Pfizer vaccine, the first to be approved, the Oxford vaccine does not need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures and is much easier to move, making it easier for the NHS in Devon to vaccinate...