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International shortage of antibody treatments combatted by Immunology Home Therapy Service at University Hospitals Plymouth

The Immunology Home Therapy Service at University Hospitals Plymouth has not only benefitted patients in a number of ways for over 20 years, but it is now also helping to combat an international shortage of antibody treatments. The service, run by the Immunology Specialist Nursing team at the Trust, is seeing greater numbers from Devon and Cornwall than ever before, and now includes other...

Concern regarding undiagnosed liver disease in Devon

One in five adults in the South West could have undiagnosed liver disease, the British Liver Trust’s Love Your Liver mobile screening and scanning unit found after visiting the region in November.

The charity visited Truro, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol and Cheltenham, and scanned passers-by who were interested in finding out more about their liver health. Of the 268 people scanned, 50 (...

What to do when unhappy with your appearance

If you are unhappy with your appearance, this can impact your confidence and your self-esteem, as well as your overall happiness. You should not have to simply accept your appearance if there are aspects of it that bring you down, and here are some of the best steps that you can take if you are unhappy with your appearance.

Look After Your Health

Although you might believe that there...

Protect yourself and your baby by having the flu vaccine

Pregnant women in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay are being urged to have the flu vaccine now to protect themselves and their unborn baby from the deadly illness.

The UK Health Security Agency has warned that there could be a significant flu surge this winter coinciding with continuing or rising COVID-19 cases.

Clara Southby, Interim Maternity Matron for Community and Outpatients...

Don’t endanger your hearing this Bonfire Night, expert warns

A HEARING expert is advising people in Plymouth to stand at least 20 metres away from firework displays to protect their hearing this Bonfire Night.

Sudden and excessively loud noises can damage people’s hearing, but keeping a good distance from the source of the sound can lessen its negative effects.

Gordon Harrison, Specsavers chief audiologist, says: ‘According to UK...

Avoid Halloween ‘sight-mare’ from novelty contact lenses

WANNABE witches, warlocks, black cats and devils in Plymouth are being urged to avoid using spooky novelty contact lenses that could harm their eyes this Halloween.

An increasingly popular trend at this time of year is for people to wear coloured novelty contact lenses – but not knowing how to wear or care for them can also result in numerous eye conditions.

This includes...

Pregnant women in Plymouth will be first to be routinely tested for group B Strep, as part of major research study

Pregnant women and people receiving their maternity care from University Hospitals Plymouth will become the first in the UK to be routinely offered a test for group B Streptococcus (GBS), as part of an important new research study.

The study, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme and sponsored by the University of...

Confused about booster jabs and flu vaccines? Here’s what you need to know

People in Devon are reminded to get their COVID and flu vaccinations to give themselves the best possible protection against these deadly illnesses this winter.

The COVID jab does not protect against flu so it is vital to have both vaccinations to reduce your chances of becoming unwell and needing hospital treatment. Getting vaccinated helps you and the NHS, which is already facing...

Choosing the right stretched ear hangers

Wearing earrings or hangers enhances the appearance of a person, so the earrings are one of the most common jewellery worldwide. There is a wide variety of jewellery available in different materials, designs for both women and men. Many people have body piercings, pierced ears and stretched ears. Individuals who have stretched ears cannot wear some popular styles of earrings especially ear...

Wellness routine to relieve pain and improve quality of life

A hot tub can be a great way to relax after a busy day. But this wellness routine has other benefits. People are finding that soaking in a hot bathtub can reduce stiffness, pain, muscle soreness, and temporarily relieve symptoms such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Living your best life can be hindered by pain. Pain can be caused by injury, illness, or sitting too long at your...

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