Handing over the box of seeds

Seeds to help Heathfield Farm grow

This year there’s going to be a glut of delicious vegetables at a vocational learning centre in Broadclyst, thanks to Otter Garden Centres.

The garden centre in Ottery St Mary donated a box chock full of packets of seeds after MD Jacqui Taylor received a request from Heathfield Farm...

Sue Cade

Sue Cade


6 Healthy Habits for Families

Our eating and lifestyle habits can make a significant contribution to our overall health. For this reason, it’s vital to form good habits that include exercise and a healthy diet that’s varied and natural. That being said, nutrient requirements vary from person to person. What’s more, gender, age, constitution, living conditions, etc., should be taken into consideration when forming a...

Plymouth residents are top 10 most at risk of ageing from sun exposure

In new research conducted by the Clarins Beauty Daily team, Plymouth residents are 6th most at risk of skin ageing from UV rays. Based on the number of sunshine hours per UK city – this area in the SouthWest sees an average of 1,732 hours (72 days) a year according to Met Office data.

Whilst SPF is essential everyday as there is still risk irrespective of the weather – residents in...

The Bathroom Renovation Checklist: 5 Things to Tick Off

There is a multitude of reasons why it may be time for a bathroom renovation. Whether you’re about to put your property up for sale, improve functionality, add a touch of luxury, or save on energy costs, getting organised from the start is essential. Whether you’re doing everything yourself or leaving it up to the professionals, here is a checklist you can use to tick off the basics....

Known Cities to discover in the South of France

Travelling to France is always a fun experience, as there is so much to discover in this country. But if we are to travel, why not enjoy more clement weather as well? That is why the south of France is so interesting for Brits, so we can catch a tan in a few days. But instead of Cannes, Nice and Marseille, here are a few cities that are well worth taking time to discover, on your next trip in...

Advice for Replacing Your Window Shades

If you need to get some new window shades for your home, there are a few things you should know before making a purchase, but with so many varieties of shades available on the market, it can be hard to know what window shade is right for you and your home.

This is why we’ve spoke to the team at to get you some advice to follow, before purchasing a new window shade...

Sadness vs. Depression: What's the Difference?

Sadness is one of the basic emotions. Just like the feeling of happiness, sadness is a natural response to certain situations that we experience in our lives. One may feel light sadness after watching a sad movie or extreme sadness after losing an important person — there are different degrees of sadness, and it can last for different periods of time.

However, no matter how long...

4 Tips for Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Whether you’re doing it for health reasons, to save money or because of your family, there are lots of reasons to quit smoking. And these days, giving up smoking is easier than it used to be with more alternatives on offer that don’t have the same negative impact on your health.

E-cigarettes have become a popular choice among people who want to quit smoking as they offer an intake of...

Cornwall most popular region to search for cottages for sale

Famous for its pasties, beaches and quaint seaside villages, Cornwall is one of the most beloved holiday destinations in Britain. However, in recent years, Cornwall has seen a surge of interest in its property market, with many people wanting to own their own little slice of the Cornish countryside.

New research by housing and mortgage experts has revealed that...

Plymouth is one of the cheapest city to enjoy student life - but where else makes the list?

N ew analysis reveals that Wolverhampton is the cheapest place to be a student in the UK.

The study by tutoring experts Superprof examined every university location across the UK, using data from  Numbeo to find where students can live at the lowest cost. The analysis was based on cost-of-living factors such as the average price of weekly student accommodation, as well as weekly...

Hospice partners with armed forces charity to care for veterans

Help for Heroes has joined forces with Plymouth’s St Luke’s Hospice to encourage and train fellow veterans to join the Turnchapel charity’s End of Life Military Compassion project as a volunteer.

St Luke’s is piloting a scheme to enhance its end-of-life care for patients who have given service to their country in the armed forces. The project is designed to ensure the community is a...

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