Devon business celebrates unique gift and E-card success

Do you want to celebrate a special moment in someone’s life and are looking for a unique gift which says so, so much, but doesn’t cost the world?

Do you ever think of giving someone a ‘pick me up’ present, something which will brighten someone’s day, but struggle to know what to send? Are you looking for a way to say ‘sorry,’ but simply don’t know how?

We’ve all been there....

Film: The Room (2003)

MONDO MONDAY presents the annual Mondo Christmas Special.

Our Christmas treat for you this year and due to ridiculously high demand is Mr Tommy Wisseau’s masterpiece, The Room.

Anyone who came to see it with us back in January will know that this is going to be a pretty unforgettable night and frankly absolutely hilarious. Come armed with as many plastic spoons as you can carry – trust us – and we’ll bring the rest.

We’ll also have the 7th annual Christmas quiz and plenty of other shenanigans. BEST. MONDO MONDAY. EVER.

Director: Tommy Wisseau


Christmas hand delivered to families in Plymouth

A total of 471 Christmas hampers have been delivered to Plymouth families who have worked closely with the Council’s Inclusion, Attendance and Welfare Service

The Families that are selected are usually on low incomes and have been working with their child’s school and other agencies to improve their child’s school attendance.

The hampers themselves are enormous and include...

Don't let thieves steal your Christmas

Devon and Cornwall police are reminding people during the busy run up to Christmas to keep their possessions safe from opportunist thieves. Officers will be working closely with partners in the community to roll out a number initiatives over the coming weeks.

People are advised to protect their Christmas purchases by storing them out of sight, so burglars aren’t tempted to steal them...

Are your Christmas gifts safe?

During the busy run up to Christmas and the intensive shopping period, Devon and Cornwall Police are advising people to keep their Christmas purchases safe.

Following the chaotic buying of the Black Friday period, burglars will look out for wrapped or unwrapped Christmas presents in homes and in cars.

People are advised to protect their Christmas purchases by storing them in a...

Owners to spend £300 million pampering their pets this Christmas

Animal lovers are expected to spend about £300 million pounds pampering their pets this Christmas a survey by the RSPCA has revealed.

Nine out of ten owners (91%) are buying their pet a present this year with almost a fifth (18%) admitting they will be spending more on their pet than their mother-in-law.

An RSPCA poll of almost 900 pet owners revealed most (54%) will be...