RSPCA launches ‘For Every Kind’ campaign in South West to ‘rethink animals’ in 200th year  

In the South West, nine out of ten people believe dogs can feel happy - but just four out of ten think chickens can.

The RSPCA says we need to “radically rethink” our relationship with all animals as it launches its new For Every Kind campaign to mark its 200th year - as it reveals in the South West there is a stark difference between what people think those living in our homes, in...

Exlusively permitaed display of final portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (private collection)

We would like to extend our invitation to you for a very special event that we will be hosting in Newton Abbot.

We have been granted special permission to showcase a replica of a significant piece of art, which is currently held in a private Windsor collection.

This final portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, along with other portraits of notable figures, is not typically accessible to the public. The reason we have been granted this exceptional opportunity is because the event aims to raise funds for The Gables, a charity dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats.

This is a...

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe urges dog owners to prep ahead of firework season as nearly half of UK dogs are affected by fireworks

With Bonfire Night, Diwali and Halloween on the horizon, Dogs Trust Ilfracombe recommends owners prep ahead of the firework season; as it can be a stressful time for our four-legged friends.

Dogs Trust’s National Dog Survey completed by 369,389 dog owners covering 440,759 dogs in the UK asked questions about a range of dog behaviours. The charity has issued advice to owners on how to...

Looking for a new addition? See the best animals for young families here

Just when you think your family is complete, the kids ask for a dog. We’ve all been there.

While your gut instinct might immediately say no, you might be interested to learn that nearly half of Brits find more comfort in their furry friends than their partners . Adding a small, cute and friendly animal to your household could benefit everyone in lasting and unexpected ways.


Increase of ‘livestock worrying’ incidents highlighted by Police

Incidents of livestock worrying increased in Devon and Cornwall throughout May according to Police.

Devon & Cornwall Police are reminding the public to keep dogs on leads when visiting Devon and Cornwall’s open spaces this bank holiday.

Livestock worrying is when a dog attacks or chases livestock, it is a criminal offence and can have a devastating impact on livestock,...

Forever Hounds Trust receives share of food donation worth over £8,000

A greyhound and lurcher rescue centre in Devon is celebrating after receiving a share in a total food donation worth over £8,000.00 from pet food manufacturer, Burgess Pet Care.

During its Greyhound & Lurcher Two-week Takeover campaign, Burgess asked its customers and followers to nominate independent greyhound and lurcher rescue centres they would like to receive a share of the...

Popcorn-scented ‘bearcat’ arrives at Paignton Zoo

A new and unusual animal has arrived at Paignton Zoo – a binturong. This curious animal is a small mammal that is often described as a ‘bearcat’ due to its striking similarity to both a small bear and a domestic cat.

The young female, named Fig after her favourite food, moved to Paignton Zoo from Cotswold Wildlife Park on Wednesday. She is now settling into her new home near the Ape...

The animal says...

Debra draws on her experience during lockdown to create new children's book.

Written and illustrated by Debra Wellington of Exmouth, The animal says… certainly would not have happened had it not been for lockdown. This gave Debra a chance to focus on her own art and ideas, something she’d not been able to do for years.

The animal says... brings ten animals to life with fun facts and colourful engaging illustrations for babies and young readers. Debra says: "...

Soaring numbers of animals risk entanglement in Euros-inspired footie nets this year, warns RSPCA

Number of animals caught up in netting is already higher this year than 2020, as more foxes, deer, hedgehogs and birds fall foul of unmonitored netting

The RSPCA is warning of the dangers of netting to wildlife and is bracing itself to deal with hundreds of entanglement incidents this summer as fans get inspired by Euro 2020.

As footie-mad sports fans put up football nets in the back...

Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust

Leave no trace, give nature space urges Dartmoor

Dartmoor National Park Authority has launched a new campaign ahead of the Easter weekend, as they and their partners prepare to welcome people back to Dartmoor as lockdown restrictions are gradually eased . 'Leave no trace, give nature space' asks people to think about the positive impact nature and the outdoors has had on their lives during lockdown, and to show compassion and care as they...