original art

Living on the Edge by Teresa Pemberton

EXHIBITION - The Light Beneath

The Light Beneath is a lovely exhibition showcasing paintings by two of The Brownston Gallery's favourites, Jo Vollers and Teresa Pemberton , and is also introducing a new artist, Polly Luce . These three inspiring artists show their skill at capturing light which emanates from their paintings and brings them alive. The vibrant, varied colours used and the subject matter they've each chosen is perfect for this time of year. A truly joyous and uplifting exhibition, not to be missed. The private view is being held on Thursday 23rd May from 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome and you will get a chance...

Tony Williams - A Frosty Reception

The South West Academy Spring Exhibition

This major exhibition introduces emerging and established members of The South West Academy and highlights the high calibre of artistic talent that abounds in our beautiful region of the South West.

The Spring Exhibition is being supported by local businesses, Marchand Petit , Straker Financial Services and Devon Cove Vodka and is showcasing paintings by Colin Allbrook , Simon Ashby , Judith Cummings , Mark Fielding , Marilyn Wedgwood-Johnson, Tony Williams and sculpture by Andrew Thomas .

The gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 5pm. However, if you'd like to...

Ben Lucas - Chasing The Wind

Exhibition : CHASING THE WIND featuring Ben Lucas with Hannah Bone & Tom Musgrove

CHASING THE WIND , our first exhibition of 2024 and and also the first exhibition at Brownston for our three artists. Headlining the show is Ben Lucas recently returned to his Devon homeland from over 17 years in Australia where he exhibited widely and successfully. Captivated by the wildness of the oceans around the world his stunning seascapes instil a sense of adventure and freedom echoing his own journey of discovery and exploration across the world's oceans. Now back home in picturesque Appledore in North Devon, Ben has created a new collection striking a harmonious...

Andrew Miller - May Blossom

Exhibition - The Winter Show

The Brownton Gallery 's annual Winter Show never fails to delight and this year they have put together a collection of forty original paintings by their resident artists which includes some fabulous new work.

From big masterpieces to little gems, there is something for everyone. Plenty of small, affordable paintings and limited edition prints as well as some larger pieces and a varied selection of sculptures.

The gallery always celebrates The Winter Show with a party. This year the party is being held on Thursday, 7th December from 5.30-7.30pm and everyone is welcome. So...

Jean Jones - Farm Gates Yelland 1970

Exhibition - HERITAGE: Anthony Amos, Jean Jones & Derek Holland

HERITAGE at The Brownston Gallery brings together three extraordinary and diverse artists in one stunning exhibition for the first time.

When Jean Jones died in 2012 she left behind a treasure trove of over four hundred paintings, all stacked in a corner of her Dartmoor cottage, gathering dust and waiting to be discovered. When maritime artist Anthony Amos died in 2010 he left a legacy of hundreds of paintings bought by a legion of collectors who admired his work for over twenty years.

Whilst neither received due recognition for their work during their lifetime, both are...

Passing Clouds by Julie Ellis

Exhibition by Julie Ellis - AT HOME

AT HOME is an autobiographical collection of paintings by Plymouth based artist, Julie Ellis.

The Brownston Gallery has been showing this talented and popular artist's work since 2015 and this year it seems timely to look back at her unique – and astonishing – journey. Back to the days of being a student, through to stepping out into her own studio at Royal William Yard, to the present day when she has become a sought-after artist in her own right. Julie’s story is one of sheer hard work, determination and aspiration. Her paintings mesmerize and captivate, taking you into a realm...

Fast Roe Deer by Joe Webster

Exhibition by Joe Webster : Beyond the Bluebells

The Brownston Gallery is showing BEYOND THE BLUEBELLS by Landscape Graffiti artist Joe Webster in their studio gallery this month. As a plein-air painter Joe immerses himself fully in his surroundings, spending long periods quietly studying and observing the wonders of nature. His paintings of bluebell woods are simply stunning. Fragile flowers shelter and dance in the cool shade of the trees above whilst bold urban graffiti starkly highlights the difficult relationship we have with our environment. These haunting paintings are a harsh reminder that beauty in nature can be fleeting....

Burgh Island Glow by Barry Kelly

Exhibition by Barry Kelly : Far Horizons : Above the Salt

Summer means different things to each of us. For some it is a time to escape, to forget the humdrum routine of everyday life, pack the bags, round up the dogs and children, and head for the beach – or the hills! - for a few weeks of sun, fun and frolics. For others it is a more reflective time; a time to heal, to restore, to let nature take over and return our bodies and minds to good health, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In this year’s exhibition at The Brownston Gallery Barry presents a collection that particularly portrays the nurturing aspect of summer...

Jerry Browning - Golden Hour

Exhibition: Jerry Browning - Under The Midnight Sun

Under the Midnight Sun is a collection of new works that draw on the wonderful light that appears each summer around the solstice, just before the sun sets, when the horizon all but disappears and the landscape becomes hazy and begins to hum before darkness falls. A magical light, full of promise for tomorrow.

“When people ask me what I am trying to convey through my paintings, I find it hard to put into words. For me each painting needs to speak for itself. The colours evoke emotions which have a personal elemental context. I paint what I...

Exhibition by Joanna Vollers - Between The Lines

The Brownston Gallery is delighted to be showing this lovely new collection which introduces us to a different aspect of Jo's painting. The shapes, colours and lines representing her very individual style of landscape painting, capturing the mood and character of the local Devon countryside, whilst her still life paintings exude a feeling of joy at simple objects captured Between the Lines .

"My inspiration comes from the shapes and rhythm of the ntural world. I love the seasons and from my palette, I mix and create the colours, using the...