Talk and Film: 1745 (2017)

When two young black slaves escape into the wilds of 18th-century Scotland, they must use all of their courage and strength to survive, unite, and stay free. 1745 highlights a forgotten part of Scotland’s history: while Scotland was fighting for its national freedom in that fateful year, its economy was in large part founded on the booming colonial slave trade. While the majority of slavery happened elsewhere - off-stage, across the Atlantic - there were African slaves in the UK, kept as trophies and pets in the houses of their rich merchant masters.

1745 was inspired by...

Film: Daughters of the Dust (1993)

Julie Dash’s ground-breaking work follows a multi-generational family in the Gullah community on the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina.

As former West African slaves who adopted many of their ancestors’ Yoruba traditions, Daughters of the Dust portrays the struggle to maintain their cultural heritage and folklore.

The first wide release by a black female filmmaker, the film was met with wild critical acclaim and still resonates today – most recently as a major influence on Beyoncé’s video album Lemonade.

Restored (in conjunction with UCLA) for the first...

Czech crime gang jailed for trying to halt Plymouth modern slavery trial

Four Czech nationals who tried to derail a human trafficking trial by forcing a victim to retract his testimony have been jailed for a total of more than 20 years today [11 September].

Ruzena Tancosova, 56, her daughters Katerina Ruzena Tancosova, 37, and Lenka Cmejlova, 35, and family friend Libuse Sindelarova, 42, appeared before Plymouth Crown Court for sentencing after earlier...

Police tackle modern day slavery

Last week from 30 May to 3 June five south west police forces took part in a pan-European week of action on modern slavery, looking particularly at labour exploitation. Operation Hornsman was a multi-agency initiative led by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

The forces involved in the south west were Avon and Somerset Police, Devon and Cornwall Police, Dorset Police, Gloucestershire...

Government reveal Modern Slavery bill

A new draft anti-slavery bill which could see human traffickers receive life sentences has been revealed in parliament yesterday.

Known as the Modern slavery bill it will see the maximum sentence for slavery offences rise from 14 years to life imprisonment, as well as introduce a range of measures to improve the detection of slavery operations.

Those with previous convictions...