Dartmoor ponies

Visitors urged look but do not touch Dartmoor’s ponies

The Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust have issued a joint statement urging visitors to the moors to enjoy pony herds from a distance, after some have been seen to be carrying strangles.

Strangles is a highly contagious and difficult to manage bacterial infection of the respiratory system. It can be spread through direct contact with affected...

RSPCA urges pet owners to make sure animals are safe in storms

The RSPCA is warning owners to make sure their animals are safe ahead of new storms expected over the next couple of days.

Many people have struggled over the Christmas period after torrential weather hit parts of England and Wales. Heavy rain and high winds could also pose a threat to wildlife, horses and livestock and the RSPCA has received hundreds of calls about animals which have...

Heartbroken boy wants stolen pony home for Christmas

The RSPCA is hoping for a Christmas miracle to reunite a heartbroken five-year-old boy with his stolen pony.

Tic Toc the 24-year-old pony has been missing for more than two weeks and his five-year-old owner Josh Carnegie is desperate to have his ‘best-friend’ home for Christmas.

The elderly pony has a condition called Cushings which affects his feet and gives him a distinctive...

Police criticise "sensationalist" media reports as Dartmoor pony death attributed to "natural causes"

Devon and Cornwall Police have finalised their enquiries into last month's death of a Dartmoor pony .

Some initial media reports linked the death of the pony to satanic cults and ritualistic killing as police investigated the possibility of deliberate mutilation.

However, the police have sought the advice of experts and have come to the view that the death of the pony was...

Pony found mutilated on Dartmoor in possible 'ritualistic' killing

A two-month-old pony has been found dead on Dartmoor. Police say the body shows signs of deliberate mutilation.

The pony was discovered on moorland at Yennadon Down, Dousland, Yelverton near Plymouth at around 6.50pm on Tuesday 23 July.

Police report that the pony appears to have been deliberately mutilated and officers are investigating the possibility that the body had been...