British Gas heat pump project to reduce energy bills for East Devon Council Tenants

British Gas is working with East Devon District Council on an ambitious heat pump installation project, to reduce energy bills for residents and deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Between now and the end of March, 78 houses and bungalows in Lyme Regis, Exeter and Axminister will have their solid fuel heating and immersion systems replaced with low carbon alternatives...

Two calls every hour to animals struggling in hot weather

The RSPCA has urged pet owners and farmers to keep their animals cool in the summer heat as temperatures rocket to 30C in some parts of England and Wales this week.

The animal welfare charity is issuing advice after a surge in calls relating to animals and heat exposure last month. The charity’s 24-hour emergency line received 1,606 calls in July - that’s two every hour or more than 50...

Dogs die in hot cars campaign launched

Twelve organisations have teamed up to spread an important message among dog owners this summer.

Rescue and rehoming charities, veterinary associations, police, and welfare organisations are all working together to ensure owners know the dangers the warm weather can pose to dogs over the summer months.

The RSPCA receives thousands of reports of dogs suffering from heat exposure...

Never use a BBQ to heat your tent

Do you know that BBQs give off poisonous carbon monoxide hours after use?

Bringing them into a tent or awning to keep warm is a recipe for disaster.

You cannot smell, taste or see Carbon Monoxide. So, if you suddenly get flu symptoms, or have headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness or weakness you may have Carbon Monoxide poisoning. People often don’t realise that...