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he Exeter Quay group celebrating 20 years of Westbank's Health Walks

Celebrating 20 years of Devon charity’s Health Walks

Devon health and wellbeing charity Westbank Community Health and Care has clocked up an impressive 20 years since it began its programme of organised, daytime health walks for people of all ages and varying abilities.

Throughout May - National Walking Month - Westbank is celebrating the milestone anniversary of this successful programme of Health Walks that keeps people on the move...

Woman running along a beach close to the shoreline

Win the race against bladder leaks

Muscle strains, chaffing, cramps, blisters: just some of the familiar challenges that all runners face as they pound the pavements. But what about bladder leaks? These are just as testing but far less talked about by the main sufferers: women.

One in three women experiences bladder leaks and it's not just an age-related problem or linked to childbirth or the menopause, though these...