Festive fun with new Christmas game by Plymouth business

Award-winning Plymouth company, Sponge UK has created a special Christmas game to spread some festive cheer and test out the latest elearning technology.

Every year, the business, based at Plymouth Science Park, creates an online Christmas game as an alternative to sending Christmas cards.

The highly skilled team at Sponge used the opportunity to put newly released elearning...

Sponge UK launches ‘best ever’ Christmas game

Award-winning learning provider, Sponge UK is using its expertise in multi-device elearning games to create a fun festive challenge.

The Plymouth-based company has launched a new Christmas game, Save Santa!

Players take on the role of an elf who must find a way through a frozen underground world, collecting presents, dodging yetis and defeating rocket-powered penguins, before...

Game assesses emotional development of children with autism or Asperger's Syndrome

An interactive game which could enhance emotional awareness and regulation among young people has been developed by scientists from Plymouth University.

Emodiscovery is designed for children aged 8-12, and aims to assess their skills to regulate others’ emotions in a variety of situations

It is being targeted at all children, but scientists hope it will enable them to compare...

What food is in season in June

Eating seasonal food is something we should all try to do. You will get the freshest produce and with a superior taste. We here at Live Love Eat understand that it's not always easy to know what to buy and when so we have created this article... What's in season in June to help you on your way.

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