CrossCountry is on-board as MTV Crashes Plymouth Official Event Rail Partner

CrossCountry trains have been announced as Official Event Rail Partner to this summers’ hottest live music event, MTV Crashes Plymouth. This is the second year running that CrossCountry have supported the popular 2-day music event in Britain’s Ocean City.

MTV Crashes Plymouth 2017 will take place on Plymouth Hoe on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 July, and with over 50,000 attendees expected...

Multi-taskers making the most of train journeys

Plymouth residents are most likely to spend their journeys making new friends.

Four in five (80%) people surveyed in Plymouth consider themselves multi-taskers with some spending a third of the day attempting to juggle at least two things at once.

Research released today from CrossCountry finds that more than a quarter (29%) spend over four hours multi-tasking a day, and...

Generous Plymouth parents fund travelling student lifestyles

CrossCountry launches student competition to find travel savvy bloggers

Parents in Plymouth are regularly funding their children’s travel home from university and are willing to pay over the odds to help broaden their horizons.

Over the course of a year Plymouth parents say they spend more than £500 broadening their child’s horizons with more than half (58%) splashing out on...

Plymouth train travellers peeved by pongy passengers

But Plymouth passengers rank as the most compassionate carriage-mates

New research from a leading train company has found that mobile phones are the number one source of rail rage, but passengers in Plymouth would need to be overwhelmed by passengers’ smelly odours before acting on their annoyance.

The survey, conducted by train company CrossCountry, found that more than half...