Barry Kelly

Burgh Island Glow by Barry Kelly

Exhibition by Barry Kelly : Far Horizons : Above the Salt

Summer means different things to each of us. For some it is a time to escape, to forget the humdrum routine of everyday life, pack the bags, round up the dogs and children, and head for the beach – or the hills! - for a few weeks of sun, fun and frolics. For others it is a more reflective time; a time to heal, to restore, to let nature take over and return our bodies and minds to good health, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In this year’s exhibition at The Brownston Gallery Barry presents a collection that particularly portrays the nurturing aspect of summer...

Barry Kelly - Satori Sky

Exhibition by Barry Kelly - Satori Skies

The Brownston Gallery is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year with a series of special exibitions and Barry Kelly who has been with them from the beginning is one of their most successful young artists.

Barry's new collection of work portrays his love and appreciation of nature, and in particular the healing properties of the ocean. This is reflected in his use of a softer palette of colour, misty pinks and gentle blues, revealing huge pastel skies that seem to go on forever, blurring the line between sky and sea, between the present and the future. Each painting is full of...

Space to Breathe - Barry Kelly

Space to Breathe: Barry Kelly at The Brownston Gallery

Every summer we eagerly await the delivery of the new collection from Barry Kelly. His paintings are always so full of light, sun and warmth. Somehow or other he always takes his work another step forward, another new development that reflects his growing talent as an artist.

This summer is no exception. His colours are bright and true and his skies are so full of promise and wonder. His foregrounds are complex, little miniature works on their own which compel and entrance. Each painting as a whole represents a snapshot of an element of the land of the South Hams. Barry captures...