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Flowers take centre stage at Seaglass Gallery art exhibition

‘Flower Power’- a celebration of floral beauty

This exhibition is a collaboration of the Seaglass Gallery in Lympstone and award winning, west- country artists, including Tom Stevenson, Louise Banks and Julie Dunster. It celebrates the timeless beauty of flower paintings from traditional to contemporary and realistic to abstract.

The gallery walls will dance with colour as...

Ben Lucas - Chasing The Wind

Exhibition : CHASING THE WIND featuring Ben Lucas with Hannah Bone & Tom Musgrove

CHASING THE WIND , our first exhibition of 2024 and and also the first exhibition at Brownston for our three artists. Headlining the show is Ben Lucas recently returned to his Devon homeland from over 17 years in Australia where he exhibited widely and successfully. Captivated by the wildness of the oceans around the world his stunning seascapes instil a sense of adventure and freedom echoing his own journey of discovery and exploration across the world's oceans. Now back home in picturesque Appledore in North Devon, Ben has created a new collection striking a harmonious...

Guard Your Innocence by Tom Musgrove

Exhibition - PAINT - Richard Kenton Webb & Friends

The Brownston Gallery is delighted to be hosting this special exhibition, ‘Paint’, which has been led and curated by Richard Kenton Webb, an award winning artist and teacher at Art University Plymouth .

He brings together his colleagues Monika Rycerz and Robert Manners who also teach drawing, painting, and printmaking at Arts University Plymouth . Richard has selected four wonderful painters, students from the BA and MA Degree courses: David Fletcher, Karmin O’Brien, Kieran Walsh and Charlie Dyson. Also invited are incredible artists he has taught throughout his 37 years...

Passing Clouds by Julie Ellis

Exhibition by Julie Ellis - AT HOME

AT HOME is an autobiographical collection of paintings by Plymouth based artist, Julie Ellis.

The Brownston Gallery has been showing this talented and popular artist's work since 2015 and this year it seems timely to look back at her unique – and astonishing – journey. Back to the days of being a student, through to stepping out into her own studio at Royal William Yard, to the present day when she has become a sought-after artist in her own right. Julie’s story is one of sheer hard work, determination and aspiration. Her paintings mesmerize and captivate, taking you into a realm...

Burgh Island Glow by Barry Kelly

Exhibition by Barry Kelly : Far Horizons : Above the Salt

Summer means different things to each of us. For some it is a time to escape, to forget the humdrum routine of everyday life, pack the bags, round up the dogs and children, and head for the beach – or the hills! - for a few weeks of sun, fun and frolics. For others it is a more reflective time; a time to heal, to restore, to let nature take over and return our bodies and minds to good health, ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

In this year’s exhibition at The Brownston Gallery Barry presents a collection that particularly portrays the nurturing aspect of summer...

Jerry Browning - Golden Hour

Exhibition: Jerry Browning - Under The Midnight Sun

Under the Midnight Sun is a collection of new works that draw on the wonderful light that appears each summer around the solstice, just before the sun sets, when the horizon all but disappears and the landscape becomes hazy and begins to hum before darkness falls. A magical light, full of promise for tomorrow.

“When people ask me what I am trying to convey through my paintings, I find it hard to put into words. For me each painting needs to speak for itself. The colours evoke emotions which have a personal elemental context. I paint what I...

Exhibition by Joanna Vollers - Between The Lines

The Brownston Gallery is delighted to be showing this lovely new collection which introduces us to a different aspect of Jo's painting. The shapes, colours and lines representing her very individual style of landscape painting, capturing the mood and character of the local Devon countryside, whilst her still life paintings exude a feeling of joy at simple objects captured Between the Lines .

"My inspiration comes from the shapes and rhythm of the ntural world. I love the seasons and from my palette, I mix and create the colours, using the...

Joanna Haskins, Floating l

Exhibition by Joanna Haskins - Arctic Impressions

The Brownston Gallery are proud to present an exhibition of work by Joanna Haskins, winner of the Brownston Gallery Fresh Talent Award in 2022.

Jo Haskins has always been inspired by the natural environment and in partcular landscapes. After spending time in Svarlbard in the high Arctic she has created a wonderful collection of paintings and screen prints which are on show at the gallery until the end of the month.

"I am inspired by the experience of a space in a landscape. I aim to portray my memories of the discovery of a place in the natural environment,...

Holding the Line by Carolyn King

The South West Academy Spring Exhibition

The annual Spring Exhibition with selected members of the South West Academy has firmly become one of the highlights of our year. Each Academician brings something new and fresh to the collection and together they present a fantastic showcase of the high calibre of painting talent which we have here in the South West.

Inspired by the beautiful scenery, stunning locations on land and sea, and of course our great way of life, this annual exhibition is a great introduction to the wide range of differing styles of painting from our artists, from the gentle...

Palace of Westminster by Jean Jones

Exhibition by Jean Jones - Beyond Dartmoor

The discovery of the work of Jean Jones (1927 – 2012) in a small cottage on Dartmoor has become something of a phenomenon.

Over the past three years we have been showing work by this extraordinary artist and helping to reclaim her rightful place in the History of Art. So far the gallery has focused primarily on her paintings of the expansive Dartmoor landscape she loved. This new exhibition introduces a collection of previously unseen paintings which were made beyond Dartmoor – in Oxford and London.

Jean Jones lived in Oxford for most of her adult life...