SW remains region in the UK with the highest number of horse and vehicle collisions, new statistics reveal

The South West of England reports the highest level of incidents involving horses and vehicles in the UK, with 203 incidents reported to The British Horse Society (BHS) during 2019-2020. The county of Devon reported over half of the overall incidents, with 104 incidents, 1 human fatality and 33 horse fatalities, also making it the county with the highest equine fatality rate in the UK....

Child accidents peak at teatime

Teatime is dangerous for children in the South West. That’s when serious accidents peak, according to findings released today by the Child Accident Prevention Trust.

The charity reveals how the end of the day spells the start of danger for children in the South West, with nearly half of all serious road accidents occurring between 3pm and 7pm. And the danger doesn’t stop there –...

Spring onto two wheels

“Watch out for bikes” is the message from Devon County Council as Spring approaches and the clocks go forward on Sunday (31 March).

Devon County Council is supporting the national THINK! campaign, which encourages drivers to take longer to look for motorcyclists.

The number of bikers on the county’s roads always increases as the weather improves, and motorists are being urged...

Top Tips for buying a kitchen worktop online

A quick remedy for refreshing the kitchen without replacing it entirely is to simply update the work surfaces. However, buying a kitchen worktop from an online company can be a daunting task.

Neil Shah, Managing Director of Stone Masters, the innovative granite and quartz stone specialists, offers these useful ‘top tips’ when buying a worktop online:

1) Consider what type of...