Top Tips for buying a kitchen worktop online

A quick remedy for refreshing the kitchen without replacing it entirely is to simply update the work surfaces. However, buying a kitchen worktop from an online company can be a daunting task. 

Neil Shah, Managing Director of Stone Masters, the innovative granite and quartz stone specialists, offers these useful ‘top tips’ when buying a worktop online:

1) Consider what type of kitchen work surface suits your lifestyle. It is vital to choose a material that is hardwearing and durable whilst still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The most common materials include laminate, wood, glass and stainless steel. However, the most popular is granite or quartz, which offers quality and practicality.

2) Does the work surface come with a guarantee? Purchasing a worktop online can often be a great money-saver. However, it is important to ask the supplier what procedures they have in place if an issue occurs. At Stone Masters, our stones are covered by the same warrantee as the manufacturer e.g. Compac offers a lifetime guarantee on its quartz, which we pass onto our customers.

3) Check that the fabricator is approved by the manufacturers. If a fabricator is a certified partner with well-known respected manufacturers, such as Silestone, the quality of the service is likely to be superior and trustworthy.

4) Consider the quality skills of the online fabricator. Modern technological advancements means that the inconvenience of manual templating (where the work surfaces would have to be removed for up to a week before replacing them) can be avoided - replaced by the cutting-edge technology of electronic laser templating. We use these techniques at Stone Masters to ensure disruption for the customer is minimal and the surfaces are cut with extreme precision.

5) Choose the thickness of the worktop. Quartz stone offers a great deal more choice due to its flexible attributes. Quartz worktops are available as thin as 12mm, which can be more cost-effective.

6) Always request a free sample. Ensure that you request a tile sample – colours and patterns can often differ from the website image. Quartz and granite can feature a variety of patterns; such a swirls, flecks of colour and veins. Therefore, always order a sample to certify you have made the right decision.

7) Request a quotation. This is a simple process and most online companies can provide instant online quotes. Be sure to measure the size of your current work surfaces carefully so that an accurate quote can be provided.

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