Woodland Trust

Health professionals begin "green prescribing trial" at Devon wood

Visiting woodland could be just what the doctor ordered as phase two of a unique “green social prescribing trial for young people” begins

Health professionals have been getting out to a Devon woodland in a unique trial to streamline how GPs refer mental health patients to nature for recovery.

During a standard ten-minute consultation earlier this week, a local GP was for the first...

Councils share £600K cash boost to plant trees in the heart of communities in the South west

Councils share £600K cash boost to plant trees in the heart of communities in the South West

Thousands of new trees will be planted across the South West thanks to a cash boost from the Woodland Trust.

Both Devon and Cornwall councils will benefit from the charity’s Emergency Tree Fund that aims to make up for a current lack of investment to help cash strapped local authorities break through barriers to get more trees and woods in the ground, giving more local communities...

Best places to see bluebells in the SW

Visiting a Bluebell Wood is one of the UK’s great seasonal highlights and the Woodland Trust has lots for you to visit for free across the South West this spring.

When bluebells first appear can vary depending on early spring temperatures, so when you see your first bluebells you can record them on the Trust’s Big Bluebell Watch survey to help track their arrival across the country....

England's ancient trees are under threat

The Woodland Trust is concerned almost 84,000 ancient, veteran or notable trees are in danger from a multitude of pests and diseases, including 7,000 treasured ash trees which could be at risk from ash dieback. More than 115,000 trees, some of which have survived for more than 1,000 years, are registered on the charity’s Ancient Tree Hunt website and the majority of these could face direct...