man and woman tasting a bottle of gin

Spirits add to the fundraising flames

Ottery St Mary’s Carnival Committee is launching two branded spirits as part of its ongoing fundraising efforts for Tar Barrels.

The ‘Ottery Tar Barrels’ gin and rum are made by Lyme Bay Winery and have been specially rebranded with the instantly recognisable Tar Barrels logo.

The traditional dry gin has botanical flavours of juniper, floral, and citrus notes alongside...

Anthony Amos - Sketch of Men Pulling in a Boat

Exhibition : Anthony Amos - SHIP TO SHORE

Although Anthony Amos is recognised for his wonderful seascapes and maritime paintings, which were inspired by over twenty years working at sea, he also had a strong affinity to the English countryside defined by his work as a farm labourer when he was not at sea.

His landscape paintings usually feature horses, trees and farm animals, often presenting a gentler view compared to the excitement and danger of life at sea. Still recognisable though is the way he captures the strength of the horses as they pull a plough or bring in a lifeboat, or the humour and endearing nature of cows...