Talk: Recalling Revolt: Popular Contestations of Egypt’s ‘Arab Spring’

Dr Dina Rezk lectures in Middle Eastern History at the University of Reading. She has researched the revolutions that swept across Iraq, Syria and Yemen, three devastating Arab-Israeli wars and moves towards an uneasy peace between Egypt and Israel in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Dina has looked at formative events, individuals and themes that have shaped the modern Middle East, from 'Nasserism' to political Islam. Her recent work concerns the latest upheavals of the 'Arab Spring' across the Middle East, and she has briefed UK and US government departments on...

Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture: A Many-Headed Monster? Crowds, Oaths, Petitions And Popular Politics On The Eve Of The English Civil War

The annual Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture brings an exciting and local historical topic to life with visiting academics and historians coming to Plymouth every year.

A not to be missed for all history lovers.

Tickets: £6 (standard), £4.20 (concessions), Peninsula Arts Friends free/ Free to Plymouth University students via SPIA


Talk: Choosing War? Choice And Tragedy In The Origins And Escalations Of Vietnam’s Wars

Professor of History at Exeter University and Director of the Centre for the Study of War, State and Society, Martin Thomas has written a number of books about the French colonial empire.

He is especially interested in why the end of European empire was bitterly – and violently – contested in some places but less so in others. He argues that 20th century war in Indochina showed the futility of resisting decolonisation, and could be seen as being a hugely costly and ultimately pointless conflict.

Tickets: £6 (standard), £4.20 (concessions), Peninsula Arts Friends free/ Free...

Talk: ‘An Inextricable Network Of Mutuality’: Martin Luther King, the US Civil Rights Movement And British Race Relations Since the 1960s

Professor Brian Ward of Northumbria University assesses the life and legacies of Martin Luther King on the eve of the 50th anniversary of his assassination in Memphis in April 1968.

He will be discussing Dr King’s changing sense of his role in a global struggle for peace, justice and equal opportunity. This talk will pay particular attention to his impact on British race relations and politics, and on the ways in which King and the Civil Rights movement have been memorialised in Britain and the US since his death.

Tickets: £6 (standard), £4.20 (concessions), Peninsula Arts...

Talk: Medieval Manuscripts and the Making (and Remaking) of Knowledge

Around the time of the collapse of the Roman Empire books began to replace scrolls as the primary means of preserving texts. However, for the first 1000 years of books' existence each one was laboriously copied by hand.

The choices made in the design and content had very significant consequences both for the preservation of knowledge and the ways in which readers accessed it.

Dr Cleaver, Ussher Lecturer in Medieval Art at Trinity College, Dublin will explore ways in which medieval manuscripts shape how we think about and access information.

Tickets: £6 (...

Talk: Plymouth in the Roaring Twenties - Chris Robinson

Artist, author and broadcaster, Chris Robinson, has been writing about Plymouth for 40 years. He has produced dozens of books about the City including Plymouth in the Twenties and Thirties.

His lavishly illustrated talk will look at the music, theatre, sport, entertainment and politics of Plymouth in the Roaring Twenties.

£6/£4.20/Friends free. Discounts available via the Artory App and free to Plymouth University students via SPiA

Talk: Slander and Insults in Elizabethan Devon - Dr Todd Gray

Dr Todd Gray has taken a leading role in the study of Devon's history, has written widely on Devon's past and lectured to a large number of groups. His recent published work has included Strumpets and Ninnycocks and How to Swear Like an Elizabethan in Devon. His talk sheds light on the nature of society in Devon 500 years ago.

£6/£4.20/Friends free/Devon History Society members free. Discounts available via the Artory App and free to Plymouth University students via SPiA

Talk: Britain's ‘Brown Babies’: The Children of Black GIs and White Women Born in World War II

The Mary Jacobs Memorial Lecture by Professor Lucy Bland

Lucy Bland’s research has concentrated on the history of gender, sexuality and feminism in Britain between 1880s-1980s. Her new projects are a social and cultural history of transracial adoption in Britain since World War II and an investigation of mixed race offspring of black GIs and British women born during World War II.

£6/£4.20/Friends free. Discounts available via the Artory App and free to Plymouth University students via SPiA.

Talk: Passions Between Women in Victorian Britain

Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth
Event Date: 
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 19:00

Sex and the City: Rethinking the Victorians series

Passions Between Women in Victorian Britain

Join the distinguished historian of gender and sexuality, Dr Lesley Hall, as she explores the fascinating subject of romantic friendship between women in the Victorian period. Were passions between women deemed appropriate only in adolescence, to be superseded by marriage, or were things rather different in reality?

Dr Hall’s talk will examine the stories of women who loved and were loved by other women in 19th-century Britain, which reveal a more varied account than the...

An Oral History of the Torrey Canyon Disaster

Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University
Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 - 19:00 to 21:00

Dr Timothy Cooper, University of Exeter

Dr Timothy Cooper works in the fields of environmental and political history at the Penryn campus of Exeter University. His teaching emphasises on the role of historical knowledge in thinking about how we can realise different possible futures. He has been working with colleagues on an oral history of the Torrey Canyon disaster in 1967, which is the topic of this evening’s lecture.

Date/time: Tuesday 2 February, 19:00

Running time: 80 mins

Venue: Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building

Ticket info: £6.60 / £4.50 /...