English Civil War

Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture: A Many-Headed Monster? Crowds, Oaths, Petitions And Popular Politics On The Eve Of The English Civil War

The annual Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture brings an exciting and local historical topic to life with visiting academics and historians coming to Plymouth every year.

A not to be missed for all history lovers.

Tickets: £6 (standard), £4.20 (concessions), Peninsula Arts Friends free/ Free to Plymouth University students via SPIA


Talk: Cromwell’s Trunks: Loyalty, Memory And Public Opinion In Early Modern England

Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture

Tuesday 14 March, 19:00 Theatre 2, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth University £6/£4.20/Friends free Discounts available via the Artory App and free to Plymouth University students via SPiA

Edward Vallance, Professor of Early Modern British Political Culture, examines the short period when Oliver Cromwell’s son succeeded his father before the recall of Charles II and the light this sheds on loyalty, memory and the end of the Protectorate. Professor Vallance is author of many books including The Glorious Revolution (2006), and A Radical...