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Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture: A Many-Headed Monster? Crowds, Oaths, Petitions And Popular Politics On The Eve Of The English Civil War

The annual Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture brings an exciting and local historical topic to life with visiting academics and historians coming to Plymouth every year.

A not to be missed for all history lovers.

Tickets: £6 (standard), £4.20 (concessions), Peninsula Arts Friends free/ Free to Plymouth University students via SPIA

Christopher Durston Memorial Lecture – ‘Preachers, Printers and Hearers in the English Revolution’

Prof Ann Hughes, Keele University

Ann Hughes is Professor of Early Modern History at Keele University, and one of the leading experts on the culture, religion and politics of the English Civil War, or the English Revolution. In recent years she has worked on religious debate and polemic, print culture, gender and radicalism, and has published widely in this area, including Gender and Politics in the English Revolution. She is currently working principally on preaching during the revolution, and this is the topic of this evening’s lecture.

Date/time: Tuesday 15 March, 19:00...