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Devon Cleaning South Hams signs Devon’s Climate Declaration

In the week in which the world marks Earth Day 2021, a South Devon cleaning company is proud to announce that it's recently become a signatory to Devon’s Climate Declaration to show its commitment to achieving a cleaner, greener Devon.

Devon Cleaning South Hams, based in South Brent, is one of just thirteen local businesses to have endorsed the Declaration so far and hopes that many...

Devon Cleaning South Hams is making the switch to electric vehicles

South Devon cleaning company pushes ahead with plans for an all-electric fleet despite lack of charging points on its council-owned site

Devon Cleaning South Hams is on the road to zero emissions with the purchase of its first electric van. Owner Amanda Barnes is pushing ahead with her ambition to run an all-electric fleet for the company - which also includes Plymouth-based Plymclean - despite being frustrated by the lack of charging points on a large council-owned industrial estate.

The two companies were merged last...

Nine in ten Devon residents surveyed plan to buy an electric vehicle by 2025

More than 90 per cent of Devon residents say they aim to buy an electric vehicle (EV) according to a new survey of more than 1700 people.

And a third said they aimed to replace their petrol or diesel car for an EV within five years, and had seen an EV that they intended to buy.

Only six per cent of respondents said that they would ‘never’ buy an EV.

The survey, on...