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Devon Freemasons help Children’s Hospice South West

Children’s hospice South West’s Little Bridge House Hospice has been chosen to receive grants totalling £3620 from the Devonshire Freemasons.

In addition to a grant of £1545, from the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), there was a grant of £2075 from Torbay’s Courtland Lodge in remembrance of Denise Bibbings, wife of a senior lodge presented at the same time.

The money...

Devonshire Freemasons

Devon Freemasons donate £7,500 to help our community

Devon Freemasons donate £7,500 to help our community

During these very difficult times the Devon Freemasons have been aware of the increased needs of local charities due to the increased workload combined with a lack of funding from their usual sources, they have given grants totalling more than £40,000 in the last three months, the latest to have received their help is the Devon...

Devon Freemasons to donate £25,000 to good causes

Every Spring and Autumn Freemasons from all around Devon meet to support local organisations who are in need of financial assistance, among which are Children’s charities, Scouts, Youth Centres and locally based charities including Hospices Hospital Services and Cancer Charities.

The money is raised through the “WAKE FUND” a trust conceived by the Right Worshipful Brother William...