BBC series searches for Plymouth couples who want to get married!

Authored by dttb

Hit BAFTA-nominated BBC series 'Don't Tell the Bride' is back for a new series!

The company who produce the series, Renegade Pictures, are searching for more couples who would love to get married THIS YEAR!

The producers are interested in casting a couple from Plymouth and the surrounding areas!

The show follows a couple who are given a free £12,000 to...

Young SW couples wanted for hit BBC3 show

Authored by Caitlin A Green

BBC Three hit ' Hotel of Mum and Dad' is back and it's creators Mentorn Media are urging couples in Devon to consider appearing.

The show gives couples who are living in the family home a chance to live on their own for a week to see if domesticated bliss is all it's made out to be!

If you or your partner are :

• Desperate for your own space • Too used to home comforts...

10 Things to Talk About Before You Tie the Knot

Authored by Mary

So, you’re in love and have decided to finally take the plunge. While love should definitely be the driving force for a couple to make the decision of getting married, the success of a marriage or any long-term relationship depends a lot on many practical issues as well. Ignoring these may cause problems in your future married life and it is best to talk it over with your partner before...