Rare cirl buntings see 33% population boost on National Trust farmland in Devon

Sixty breeding pairs of the rare cirl bunting have been recorded between Bolt Head and Bolberry Down on land owned by the National Trust in the South Hams. The 33% increase to sixty pairs, from forty in previous years, is the highest count of the small birds in the area since recording began in 2012. The area is one of the most important sites for cirl buntings in the UK, which are currently...

1 million take part in record-breaking RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

The number of nature lovers who took part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch soared to a million people this winter after a year of lockdown restrictions saw people turn to nature for comfort.

Now in its 42nd year, the Big Garden Birdwatch is a chance for people of all ages to count the number of birds that visit their garden, helping the RSPB build up a picture of how birds are...

How watching your step can help rare breeding birds as we return to the countryside

People have been noticing nature much more during lockdown, as garden birds and other wildlife have helped lift spirits and connect us to the world outside. A recent YouGov survey, commissioned by the RSPB, showed that 41% of participants reported seeing wildlife near their homes that they had never noticed before over the last 12 months.

Almost half of the UK population (44%) have...

Volunteers needed to help one of the West Country’s special birds to thrive

Volunteers needed to help one of the West Country’s special birds to thrive

The RSPB are appealing for volunteers across Devon and Cornwall to help them carryout their annual Cirl Bunting Monitoring, between April-August of this year. In partnership with Natural England, the RSPB have launched an exciting online Cirl Bunting Action Hub where people can register to take part in the survey, discover more about this special bird.

Cath Jeffs, RSPB Conservation...

RSPB, Big Garden Birdwatch

What will you see in Devon during the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch?

The UK’s biggest citizen science project has been recording the winners and losers in the garden bird world for over four decades with the help of half a million people, and now the RSPB is counting on Devon residents to join in too.

Set to enter it’s 42nd year this month, the largest wildlife survey in the world, the Big Garden Birdwatch, runs from the 29th to 31st of January and...

White Sparrow

Rare white sparrow discovered by Heligan

A rare bird has been discovered in a Cornish garden. Polgooth resident Barry Hitchens was puzzled by an unusual looking, small, white plumed bird visiting his garden and called experts at the nearby Lost Gardens of Heligan to investigate.

The Heligan team identified the garden visitor as a rare leucistic sparrow. From a distance the sparrow looks completely white but upon closer...


RSPB calls Devon residents to hold Government to account on missed nature targets

A major United Nations report has revealed the international community has failed to halt environmental decline over the last 10 years. Now, new analysis from the RSPB has revealed the UK’s self-assessment is overly optimistic as high environmental ambitions have not led to real progress being made.

The Global Biodiversity Outlook 5, published yesterday by the United Nations,...

New wildlife gardening guide shows big potential of small spaces in Devon

A new guide published today by the RSPB and Barratt Developments, which is currently building brand-new communities across Devon, shows how to turn balconies and small gardens into sanctuaries for wildlife.

The RSPB's ‘Welcome Wildlife into Your World' guide gives top tips and advice for bringing nature to your home, especially for people with a small amount of outdoor space such as...

Zoo keepers save animals after storm damage

Keepers at Paignton Zoo saved scores of animals after recent storms damaged a key building.

High winds ripped open a 36-metre-long air vent in the roof of Reptile Tropics at around 7.30 one morning, exposing vulnerable animals, plants and electrics. Staff rushed to save lizards, snakes, turtles, iguanas, chameleons and geckos as the temperature in the building dropped. Meanwhile,...

Are you the UK's best wild bird photographer?

Winter is a tough time for wild birds but as spring approaches and the weather becomes warmer, we should expect to hear more tweeting in our gardens.

One of the UK’s leading home and garden retailers, wilko, is inviting you to share your best wild bird photos in its annual competition to capture the best of our feathered friends.

Are you a keen photographer? If so, wilko...