Charity volunteers prepare for trip to Zambia village

When most people are making plans to hit the beach or take it easy, one intrepid group of volunteers from The Nayamba Trust are preparing to jet off to Zambia on Saturday (15 June) to lead a week of phonics, sport and PSHE in a small rural community.

The volunteers are all connected in some way to the East Devon-based charity and as well as giving of their time free of charge, they...

Lecturer aiming to solar-empower Zambia

A Plymouth University lecturer is delivering solar cookers to Zambia to empower communities and help them to cook as sustainably as possible.

Dr Karen Treasure, Associate Lecturer in International Relations, is travelling to the African country in January to help local people – many of whom survive on as little as £1 per day – to use the cookers and not to rely on trees from their...