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Devon widower urges people to et their will during Will Aid month

A principal from Crediton in Devon, who lost his wife to breast cancer, is urging people to take advantage of a charity will-writing campaign this month.

Ed Finch’s wife, Diane Finch, made a will detailing her final wishes before she passed away three years ago, leaving behind Ed and their son, who is now aged 15.

Her will ensured her wishes were respected and made things...

Robert Peston calls on Devon solicitors to aid charity campaign

ITV journalist Robert Peston is calling on solicitors in Devon to sign up to a charity campaign this November as the pandemic has left hundreds of local people waiting to write a will.

Some 49% of people in the UK do not have a will – and the coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge in demand for help from local solicitors.

The annual Will Aid campaign is helping meet the...

Have you made a will?

Half of Britons have not made a will, meaning they have no say in who their assets will be passed on to when they die, new figures have revealed.

The statistics have been compiled as part of a poll by charitable initiative Will Aid, to tie in with the launch of the organisation’s 2016 publicity drive My Last Words.

It found that while young people are the least likely to have...