Icy conditions possible on Christmas Day followed by Storm Bella on Boxing Day

Widespread freezing conditions could impact Devon’s roads on Christmas Day, while Boxing Day could see the county battered by gale force winds and heavy rain.

Devon County Council is warning that following the recent downpours, tonight’s cold snap could create icy patches tomorrow morning (25 December).

With road surface temperatures expected to drop below -3°C by tomorrow...

Cool, wet August ends mixed summer

After a dry and warm start, summer 2015 is set to end on an average note with temperatures and rainfall close to normal for the season.

Despite a dry and sunny June and a brief heat-wave at the start of July, summer overall looks set to be cooler than average and cooler than either summer 2013 or 2014. It has also been rather wetter than average, however sunshine totals are expected to...

Heavy rain set to continue all week

Devon is on course for more bad weather as the Met Office predicts heavy rain and strong wind from tonight until the end of the week.

The forecasters say that several more areas of low pressure, bringing heavy rainfall are expected to hit the county from tonight onwards.

The fresh wind and rain bring with them more pressure from flooding in much of the South West particularly...

Met Office says there is no 'definitive answer' to cause of freak weather

The Met Office says there is 'no definitive answer' to what has caused the exceptional weather so far this year.

However, in a paper it says there is "evidence that shows that extreme daily rainfall rates are becoming more intense, and that the rate of increase is consistent with what is expected from the fundamental physics of a warming world".

The Met Office paper states: "...

Wet, wet, wet

February is expected to begin as January ended... wet and windy!

As if we hadn't seen enough of the rain, forecasters say there is more to come for at least the next five days.

The Met Office forecast up to Wednesday is as follows:


A mixture of sunny spells and some showers, these may be heavy at times, and perhaps thundery with some hail possible....

Authorities urge people to take care on Devon’s coasts

Devon authorities are urging people to take care over the next few days as high winds, high tides and further rain is likely to cause localised flooding, especially in coastal areas tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Motorists are also being reminded to drive more slowly in the wet conditions and be considerate to other roads users and property owners.

Heavy rain and surface flooding...

More unpleasant weather is on its way

After storms yet again battered Devon overnight, weather experts have warned of more difficult conditions to come.

The Met Office forecast for the next five days is as follows:


A windy day with gales and scattered blustery showers. Some lengthy bright spells developing this afternoon as winds slowly ease and gales become mostly confined to coasts and exposed...

Met Office issue weather warnings

The Met Office have issued a Yellow Weather Warning, indicating heavy rain in the South West this evening and tomorrow.

A Yellow Weather Warning indicates the public need to be aware of their weather conditions.

Periods of rain, heavy at times, will affect parts of southern England later on today and more particularly on Monday 16 December.

The public should be aware...

Floods cost UK economy nearly £600 million

One year on from some of the worst flooding in 2012, latest research by the Environment Agency reveals that last year’s record-breaking wet year in England could have cost the UK economy close to £600 million.

The overall financial cost to businesses of the extreme weather was up to £200 million as total commercial property and contents damage totalled up to £84 million, and further...