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Boy and father at pirate waterpark play structure, Splashdown Quaywest

New Island surfaces at Goodrington Sands with the opening of massive pirate themed waterplay structure

Shipwreck Island welcomes first visitors – as Splashdown Quaywest’s latest attraction sallies forth!

The Bank Holiday weekend allowed a gentle toe in the water for staff and visitors as the latest feature to be added to the perennial favourite waterpark attraction, Shipwreck Island aquaplay opened to eager visitors for the first time. One young raider plunging straight in with Dad in...

Zoo staff save sick orang utan

Animal experts at Paignton Zoo have been battling around the clock to save a sick primate.

Keepers, vets and vet nurses responded swiftly when female orang utan Gambira was taken ill suddenly and sat with her long into the night after emergency surgery.

They found she had an infection of her air sac (a large pouch in the throat, thought to be used for vocalisation and connected...

Draw on the walls at Living Coasts

New technology at Torquay’s coastal zoo means you can colour in a sea creature and see it come to life in front of your eyes. The coastal conservation charity has installed an electronic wall where drawings are turned into animations. It’s the first time tech of this kind has been seen in the UK. Guests can colour one of a range of marine creatures, including tropical fish, seahorses and rays...