Soil Culture: Deep Roots

Deep Roots presents a series of works by six of the most established international artists who have engaged with soils over many years. It ranges from previously unseen work by Mel Chin, who uses plants to extract heavy metals from contaminated land, to that of Claire Pentecost who has refashioned soil into the shape of gold ingots to reflect its true worth. Individual works by seven British artists working with soils today are also shown.

The exhibition is the climax of the Soil Culture programme, initiated by the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in partnership...

Scientists dig for the truth behind soil hydrophobia

Authored by JamesM

Scientists have launched a major new study in a bid to understand why natural soils can develop a ‘fear of water’ after periods of dryness and drought.

Researchers at Plymouth and Swansea Universities will investigate the causes of ‘hydrophobicity’, a condition whereby microbes in the soil produce proteins that prevent it from absorbing water.

The results could have...