snowdrop festival

World renowned snowdrop festival set to provide a welcome relief from lockdown

The Garden House in Buckland Monachorum is to offer members of the community a chance to enjoy one of nature’s most spectacular displays of snowdrops at their world famous Snowdrop Festival - which starts on Friday 15 January - providing, it’s hoped, a welcome relief from lockdown.

Visitors will be able to take gentle exercise in the gardens, exploring the stunning displays of...

Snowdrops popping up across the South West

Snowdrops are popping up across the South West, bringing that first sign that spring isn’t a too-distant hope and will be returning soon enough. In many gardens that the National Trust care for, swathes of snowdrops can be seen; here’s a guide to the top spots perfect for exploring followed by warming treats in the cafés.

Did you know that bees love snowdrops? They're a vital source...

Snowdrop Festival launches at Devon home of world renowned snowdrop collection

Excited snowdrop enthusiasts are set to travel across the UK to an exquisite corner of Devon to see one of the best collections of snowdrops in the world burst into fragrance and colour at The Garden House’s first ever Snowdrop Festival, which takes place January to March.

The Festival will showcase the world renowned Matt Bishop Snowdrop Collection , one of the most diverse...