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The Cornerstone Academy Trust partners with Kura for the school run of the future

The Cornerstone Multi-Academy Trust (TCAT) based in Devon is the first MAT to partner with Kura to provide technology-enhanced home to school shared transport services across its primary schools.

TCAT has an international reputation for using digital solutions in the classroom and beyond. Now the Trust is investing to provide parents with a technological solution to the age-old...

Photo of children playing on scooters and bikes

Plymouth parents ready for an active school run when lockdown lifts

A survey of parents in schools in Plymouth has shown that there is a big appetite for walking, cycling or scooting for the school run.

The survey was carried out by the walking and cycling charity Sustrans in the 40 schools it worked with in Plymouth in the last academic year, and was answered by over 500 parents and carers.

The results showed that the majority of journeys to...

Drop in cars on the school run in Plymouth as pupils choose to walk, cycle or scoot to school

There has been a significant reduction in cars being used on the school run at schools in Plymouth, following work carried out by walking and cycling charity Sustrans, in partnership with Plymouth City Council, as part of the Plymotion: Bike It Plus programme.

By the end of the last academic year, Plymotion school communities working with Sustrans saw a low of 36% of school journeys...