Chewing sugarfree gum could save NHS £8.2m a year

Authored by Mary

The NHS could save £8.2 million a year on dental treatments – the equivalent to 364,000 dental check-ups - if all 12-year-olds across the UK chewed sugarfree gum after eating or drinking, thanks to the role it plays in helping to prevent tooth decay.

So says a study involving researchers from Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry published in the British...

Freedom to roam for people with dementia

Authored by Sarah Parker

Campaigners seek the right for those with dementia in England to use the GPS tracking technology which allows their Scottish counterparts unprecedented safe freedom to roam

The debilitating effect of dementia on lifestyle is well-documented, not least relating to the ability and confidence of those with the condition to make their way around.

Last year, dementia supporters in...

Medical school gets seal of approval

Authored by Mary

Plymouth University Peninsula School of Medicine has been given the seal of approval in its General Medical Council report, with assessors stating that “the quality of medical education was found to be high.”

The report is part of the GMC’s remit to ensure that all medical schools comply with the standards and outcomes set out in “Tomorrow’s Doctors”. The report comes from meetings...

First in restorative dentistry training for Peninsula

Authored by News Desk

Tim O’Brien is the first the first speciality registrar in restorative dentistry to pass the Intercollegiate Speciality Fellowship Examination (Exit Speciality Training Examination) in Restorative Dentistry at Plymouth University Peninsula School of Dentistry.

Tim’s achievement firmly marks the School and the Peninsula Dental Social Enterprise as a speciality training centre in...