Dying Jo's latest blog will wrench your heart

"Mummy I don't want you to die, I would miss you too much if you were a star.

"If the doctors can't make you better I may be able too, I'm a vet. Now sit down so that I can inspect you."(I think he meant examine)

"If you're tired mummy we can have a lovely play-cuddle together on the sofa under the duvet, that always makes you feel better."

It is the living in fear that...

Dying mum releases heartbreaking video in appeal for help

Dying Exeter mum Jo Smith has released an emotional video as part of her desperate attempt to raise funds to go to America for treatment.

In it, her five-year-old son Rudey makes a heart-breaking plea for help.

In it he says: "My mummy needs to go to America to get better."

You can view the video here:

Jo now faces a...

New hurdle in dying mum's fight to live

Battling Devon mum Jo Smith is to face yet another hurdle in her bid for treatment.

She now faces a 10-day trip to America for special tests after her doctor told her she wasn't fit enough to fly.

Mum of one Jo, from Exeter, will have to travel by ship and over land instead.

Jo is the only person in the world with two rare terminal conditions where treating one would...