Thelma Hulbert Gallery announces winner of the Visitors' Choice award in the THG Open 2023

The THG Open 2023 saw 87 finalists chosen from a record number of applications from artists across the South West region.

The Visitors’ Choice Prize was voted for by visitors over the duration of the exhibition (2 September - 28 October 2023). Gallery-goers cast their vote for a favourite piece in the exhibition.

The votes have been counted and THG has announced that...

England’s first town-based beavers confirmed in East Devon

The first beaver activity in an East Devon town has been confirmed.

On 3rd August 2021 a felled apple tree in Millers Way community orchard was reported by a member of the local community. The Devon Wildlife Trust beaver range, Jake Chant inspected the site and confirmed the presence of at least one beaver in the Gissage.

Beavers have been living free in East Devon since...