Environment agency, Tamar Tributaries

Upper Tamar rivers to benefit from fishery and habitat improvements

Three tributaries of the River Tamar in Devon are about to be improved thanks to a new partnership project supported by the Environment Agency. Working alongside the Westcountry Rivers Trust and local angling associations, Environment Agency officers are helping to boost fish numbers on the Rivers Deer, Claw and Carey through a targeted programme of habitat and ecological improvements. The...

Plaque for last year's winner of Devon's Best Churchyard

The search begins for Devon's Best Churchyard of 2021

During the pandemic, Devon’s residents have appreciated the green spaces around their churches like never before and now Devon CPRE is inviting churches of all denominations to enter this year’s competition to find the ‘Best Churchyard’ in the whole of the county.

Following a year with little to celebrate, Devon CPRE applauds the volunteers helping to maintain and ‘green up’ Devon’s...