Plea to think before you dial 999

‘Keep the 999 line free for me’ is the urgent request being made by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) ahead of one of its busiest times of the year.

This awareness raising campaign will run for at least the winter period and encourages people to question whether or not they really need to dial 999. Many of the 999 calls made to the service could actually...

Domestic abuse campaign takes to the streets

This week sees Devon and Cornwall Police’s domestic abuse ‘Shatters Lives’ campaign going out onto the streets targetting Christmas shoppers across the region. The campaign was launched with domestic abuse partners at the end of November and runs throughout the Christmas period, when incidences of abuse are traditionally higher.

Nineteen dancers, from the Big Dance Company in Cornwall...

SWASFT launches ‘Festive Spirit’ campaign

South Western Ambulance Service launcheD its ‘festive spirit’ campaign yesterday.

The campaign will run until Monday 5 January and aims to encourage people across the South West to drive safely this Christmas.

A poignant poster (below) refers to people ‘having too much festive spirit’ and South Western Ambulance Service is urging people to consider the consequences before...

Give the gift of blood this Christmas

This Christmas more than 200,000 blood donors are needed across the UK to give a very special gift and help hundreds of thousands of patients.

Across Devon there are 2,000 fewer donors now than in 2012, according to BBC Radio Devon.

Last year 1 in 5 blood donor appointments were missed over the festive period putting NHS Blood and Transplant’s critical operation under...

Campaign launched to dispel myths of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ hand rolling tobacco

A campaign has been launched to dispel the myths of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ hand rolling tobacco, as it is revealed that more South West smokers roll their own cigarettes.

More people are smoking hand rolling tobacco than manufactured cigarettes in the South West, but many are unaware that although hand rolling tobacco is often marketed as less harmful than manufactured cigarettes, it...

Alison Seabeck MP backs campaign to cure type 1 diabetes

Alison Seabeck, MP for Plymouth Moor View, has shown her support for those living with type 1 diabetes – and has backed the drive to find the cure for the life-threatening condition.

She attended an event to support medical research into type 1 diabetes, which was staged by the charity JDRF and saw the launch of its Type 1 Diabetes Research Roadmap project.

The major project...

Police highlight consequences of drink driving with launch of summer campaign

The national summer Drink Drive campaign is being launched on 1st June and Devon and Cornwall Police are again supporting this initiative.

The primary aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of injuries on the roads where drink or drugs is a factor. The campaign runs from Saturday 1 June to Sunday 30 June.

Whilst the enforcement of drink/drug driving is a 24/7 focus for...