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When you should call 999 this Christmas

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is reminding people only to call 999 in a genuine life-threatening emergency this Christmas.

The trust is anticipating a high demand for the 999 service over the festive period, due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic alongside normal winter pressures.

It has dealt with around 2,650 calls a day so far...

When to call 999 this Christmas

South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is urging people only to call 999 this Christmas if someone is seriously ill or injured, or their life is at risk.

Demand for the ambulance service is likely to peak over the next two weeks when staff are expecting to respond to more than 3,000 calls a day.

Paramedics and Control Room staff warn that unnecessary...

Think before you dial 999 for an ambulance

Now that the summer season is upon us and the holiday makers are arriving in all corners of the region, South Western Ambulance Service (SWASFT) is reminding people to Choose Well and only dial 999 in a life threatening emergency.

Over the last weekend (Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th July) the Trust attended a host of incidents including stabbings, cardiac arrests, a sky diving accident...

Think before you dial 999 or 101

Devon and Cornwall Police is asking everyone this festive season, and throughout the coming year, to think carefully before calling 999 or 101 and to only do so in an emergency or to report a non-urgent crime.

The Force’s two contact centres in Plymouth and Exeter receive more than a million calls a year. Although many people use the service responsibly there are still a significant...

Plea to think before you dial 999

‘Keep the 999 line free for me’ is the urgent request being made by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) ahead of one of its busiest times of the year.

This awareness raising campaign will run for at least the winter period and encourages people to question whether or not they really need to dial 999. Many of the 999 calls made to the service could actually...

Devon GP says “if it’s not an emergency, try your family doctor or pharmacy”

A family doctor from Devon has urged people with a non-urgent medical problem to get in touch with their local GP practice or pharmacy rather than visit busy hospital emergency departments.

With the Easter Holidays in full swing and more people getting out and about in the sun, it is usual that hospital emergency departments see an increase in the number of attendees at this time of...

Taxis answer 999 calls in South West

A Freedom of Infomation (FOI) request has revealed that the South Western Ambulance Trust (SWASFT) has sent taxis to 158 999 calls in 2013/14.

The evidence was presented to the House of Commons yesterday by Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham who claimed that the news revealed a deepening crisis in UK A&E’s.

Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary, said: "People...

Fire Brigade says increase in handcuff incidents may be "Fifty Shades effect"

The London Fire Brigade said today that the number of incidents involving people being stuck or trapped in objects like handcuffs and toilet seats has risen over the last three years. The new figures have prompted calls from fire chiefs for people to think carefully before dialling 999.

The Brigade has attended over 1,300 incidents involving people being trapped or stuck, often in...