Thank you for staying safe, says Dartmoor National Park

Authored by Mary
Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2021 - 16:19

Dartmoor National Park has thanked everyone for following the stay at home guidance and has asked that people continue to ‘think twice’ before travelling for exercise. 

The plea comes as more than 80,000 deaths were recorded and follows a statement from Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty on national alert levels

Staying at home and making use of spaces from the doorstep is a simple and effective way of avoiding all unnecessary interactions, says Dartmoor. 

By staying local people reduce unnecessary strain on public resources – such as needing emergency services or volunteer search and rescue teams if people get into trouble when travelling to exercise on Dartmoor or hospital treatment if they hurt themselves. 

The government advice right now is for people to stay at home except for work, exercise and essential activities. If people do leave home for exercise, this should be done locally wherever possible. Government guidance says local means the village, town or city where people live.  

Last weekend, and given the new restrictions, Dartmoor was busier than expected with some popular places becoming congested and a significant number of vehicles parking on verges and blocking local access in some places. 

Dartmoor National Park Chief Executive Dr Kevin Bishop said: “We know how important staying active and getting fresh air is for our physical and mental health at this difficult time.

"Most people have done exceptionally well so far and our appreciation for everyone’s efforts cannot be overstated. Thank you for your continued support.

“As has been highlighted this week, we really need to pull together now to get through the coming weeks. We are urging people to exercise from home wherever possible. This might mean thinking twice before you get in your vehicle - ask yourself if it’s a reasonable journey to make. If not, please: stay at home. 

“The safety of our staff and those who live in Dartmoor’s communities remains our priority. By sticking to your local area, you are protecting yourself, loved ones and are reducing preventable burdens on public services and volunteer organisations. This will undoubtedly help save lives – perhaps your own or that of someone close to you. 

“When the time comes, everyone will be given a warm, enthusiastic Dartmoor welcome and we look forward to seeing people reconnect with this special landscape.”

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