Photography trips in the South West of the UK

Authored by Mary
Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 12:44

The UK boasts of some of the best and most picturesque landscapes in the world. Amateur and professional photographers travel to the UK to build up a jaw-dropping portfolio rich in colours, hues, sceneries, and history. From Cornwall to Norfolk, with countless lakes, castles, and the Scottish Highlands, the UK offers unparalleled photographic views that delight even the most hardened heart.

If you’re searching for holidays for photography, then take a look at the holidays, weekends and tours Paul David Smith has to offer. The South West of the UK is even more gorgeous than the rest, so it's easy to see why people from all over the globe prefer coming to the UK for travel photography as they return with an overwhelming collection of memories. 

In this article, we have selected a few picturesque locations in the South West of England. We hope you enjoy our choices. If you have some you’d like to share, please let us know.

Jurassic Coast, Dorset:

The Jurassic Coast is famously named after all the dinosaur fossils that were found in the region. It is a World Heritage Site, and with each step, you can witness the geological marvels of the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods of the Mesozoic era. The Jurassic Coast has classic views with photography locations at Burton Bradstock with golden hues on the cliffs at sunset, Old Harry Rocks with the chalk sea stacks, and the world-famous Duddle Door Arch, which was naturally formed during the Ice Age.

You can also get fabulous pictures at the Triassic red cliffs at Budleigh Salterton, cross over to Sidmouth and Seaton, and stop at the Lyme Regis with its yellowish-white coast. You can also take a halt at West Bay for some spectacular fossil shots.

Bodmin Moor:

Bodmin Moor is an unusual location considering it is in the southwest of the UK and is not a coastal region. Bodmin Moor is isolated, removed from tourists, and hardly anyone takes the time to visit this gorgeous place. It is serene and untouched, and the best part is it has no trails! The landscape is covered with typical plants and other rushes. The weather changes in this region are spectacular, and you can try out any wide-angle lens for some breathtaking photos.

From the parking lot at Bodmin Moor, you can walk about a mile to the top to Rough Tor. The expansive views, green moors, and changing skyline is beautiful even on rainy and sunny days.

Exeter Cathedral:

Exeter Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral Church of St Peter, is an Anglican cathedral dating back to 1050. It has gorgeous Gothic architecture, with a multi-ribbed ceiling and an 18m high bishop’s throne in the choir. The Exeter Cathedral is also home to one of the famous astronomical clocks from the 14 – 16th century, with the dial dating back to 1484.

Exeter Cathedral is renowned for its historical importance throughout the past millennium and has seen its fair share of ups and downs, remodelling, and surviving wars and battles. Some of the most notable features for photography are the vaulted ceiling, misericords, the organ, and the astronomical clock.

Dartmoor National Park, Devon:

Dartmoor National Park is charming with deep valleys, rolling hills, torrs (rock formations), quaint little villages, and woodlands. Dartmoor is near Exeter, in the centre of Devon. It is known for the famous Dartmoor ponies that roam the landscape, Buckfast Abbey, Haytor Rocks Dartmoor, Becky Falls Ancient Woodland Park, and Canonteign Falls.

Dartmoor National Park is also home to Grimspound, which has prehistoric ruins on open moorland. The sights are incredible, with verdant greens and sprawling landscapes. Another notable place of interest for photographers is Bellever Tor, a granite tor in the absolute centre of Dartmoor with panoramic 360-degree views.

Valley of Rocks, North Devon:

The Valley of Rocks has towering cliffs, jagged and rocky outposts, cliffside pathways, towering cliffs, and outstanding sea views. The Valley of Rocks is excellent for amateur and professional photographs, thanks to the versatile views of the area. People wishing to practice sunny photography and rainy photos should consider walking the beautiful summits of Exmoor.

Many locals have often claimed that the Valley of Rocks is similar to the mountains of New Zealand (with the steep sides and jagged cliffs). It is a harsh but beautiful location for some excellent photography. You can try natural and portrait scenes with different lenses and lights.

You definitely do not need to go abroad when you have such marvellous landscapes in your backyard. You can improve your natural and wildlife photography with a course and practice in the southwest of the UK for some breathtaking views.