St Christopher’s School triumphs at National Swimming Finals and clinches ISA U11 tag rugby title

Authored by Mary
Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 16:41

In a brilliant display of athletic prowess, St Christopher’s Nursery and Prep School, situated near Totnes, South Devon, has emerged victorious at the Independent Schools Associations (ISA) National Swimming Finals held at the prestigious London Aquatics Centre, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on December 1.

Despite being a small school, St Christopher’s made a lasting impression, with four exceptional students – Harriet Critchley, Freddie Milner, India Milner, and Edward Critchley – showcasing their swimming talents against competitors from schools across the United Kingdom.

Harriet Critchley demonstrated her exceptional skill by securing a silver in the medley relay, adding to the school's list of accolades. Meanwhile, India Milner exhibited outstanding performance, earning bronze medals in both the 50m individual freestyle and the 200m freestyle relay. India's commitment to sportsmanship was further highlighted when she stepped up to participate in the year 5 200m freestyle relays as a replacement, showcasing her versatility and dedication to the team.

Headmistress of St Christopher’s Alexandra Cottell expressed immense pride in the students, saying, “This was a huge achievement for such a small school, and we are so proud of the children who took part. Their dedication and skill have truly shone on the national stage.”

Adding to the school's recent sporting successes, St Christopher’s also secured victory in the ISA U11 Tag Rugby tournament the previous week. 

Highlighting the importance of sports in the school's curriculum, Mrs Cottell said: “We actively encourage all our children at St Christopher’s to participate in sport as beyond the physical benefits, sports are invaluable for mental well-being, teaching essential values like team spirit and the significance of active participation.”

She continued, “Enormous gratitude goes to all the organisers and volunteers who make it possible for our children to compete in such brilliant and inspirational events.”