Plymouth expert: Everyone’s passwords are for sale on the dark web

Virtually everyone living in Plymouth has had their passwords stolen – and they’re all up for sale on the dark web.

And now local businesses need to take greater steps to protect themselves, and stop hackers from breaking into their systems.

“This is such a huge problem, literally affecting everyone. Yet, so few people are aware of it,” said data security expert Martin...

Resurgence in webcam scam fooling Plymouth “work from home” staff

A clever online scam that’s been around for years has seen a resurgence in Plymouth in the last few weeks – because everyone’s using their webcams more.

The so-called “sextortion” scam fools staff into thinking they’ve been filmed by their own webcam while visiting adult websites.

Some choose to pay up to £1,000 in Bitcoin to prevent the videos being released.


Lockdown: “Biggest ever cyber attack” warning for Plymouth businesses

The biggest ever cyber attack in history could hit Plymouth businesses before the end of the year – and it’s all because of the lockdown.

That’s the prediction from local IT and data security expert Martin Limburn of Limbtec.

He believes the urgent changes made to allow people to work from home have inadvertently opened up businesses’ data security.

“Hackers look...

Work from home data security warning for Plymouth businesses

A local IT expert is warning businesses to get their data security urgently checked, now most staff are working from home.

Expert Martin Limburn of Limbtec has seen a dramatic upsurge in hackers taking advantage of the current situation.

“These people have no morals. And they are using what’s happening to target businesses that are already struggling,” he explained....