Truro police take proactive action against shoplifting and anti-social behaviour

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Posted: Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 23:22

Recently, Truro neighbourhood policing team were joined by partners including Safer Cornwall and Cornwall Young People to carry out a Safer Business Action Day (SaBA).

The aim of this day of action was to support continuing efforts to safeguard the community and provide reassurance to people living and working in Truro that the police are taking reports of anti-social behaviour and shoplifting seriously. The multi-agency approach to tackling the key priorities in the city aims to work towards making a positive, lasting impact on Truro.

The main focus of the day’s activities were to target anti-social behaviour and shoplifting in the city centre. The team were supported by volunteer Special Constables and Truro Street Rangers to carry out high visibility foot patrols in targeted areas. Following intelligence gathered in advance of the day of action, the team highlighted areas where anti-social behaviour is a concern to the community, and areas where multiple instances of anti-social behaviour has previously been reported.

Sergeant Richie Wilson said: “Days of action allow the Truro, Perranporth and Tregony local policing team to come together and focus on a specific issue. In this case, our focus was on high visibility community policing to detect and deter retail crime in our city centre.”

Safer Cornwall and Cornwall Young People visited businesses who had reported young people accessing rooftops, to offer support and advice around public safety. This proactive approach aims to deter a serious incident from taking place and remind members of the public of the different ways to report crimes or dangerous situations to the police. The team were also joined by partners to carry out follow-up visits to local businesses where female members of staff have previously been subject to anti-social behaviour. After listening to the members of staff and understanding the issues they were facing, the team put actions in place to target the reported anti-social behaviour, and offered the retail workers personal safety advice.

In a continued effort to deter shoplifting from taking place and offer support to local retailers, the team conducted visits to businesses in the city centre who have been targeted by shoplifting in the past to gather intelligence, provide reassurance and offer advice to prevent shoplifting from taking place. Officers carried out high-visibility patrols as part of the day of action to detect shoplifting behaviour and prevent people from attempting to shoplift.

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