Low emission waste collection vehicles

South West Zero to Landfill recycling firm celebrates arrival of new low-emission vehicles that drive down carbon footprint.

DCW, a leading independent commercial waste management firm, has invested £600k in four new state-of-the-art, low emission vehicles for its fleet operating across Devon.

The Zero to Landfill firm has taken delivery on two front end loader trucks used for skips and two hook-loader trucks used to collect general waste from commercial customers which feature the very latest in sustainable technology. Each truck has a low emission euro 6 engine, ensuring emissions are kept to a minimum whilst DCW’s recycling experts collect commercial waste for recycling across the South West.  

Decked out in DCW’s signature blue and featuring a larger body, the trucks also increase load capacity by 20% per full load, allowing waste operatives to work more efficiently and collect 150 tonnes more waste for recycling per week.

Four vehicles are now in operation across the South West, with a further three expected to arrive in spring 2024, along with two T6 VW Transporter vans that will form part of the new fleet. Click here for the announcement of the significant investment made in early 2023 to drive down the firm’s carbon footprint.

Collecting waste for recycling, the new vehicles will contribute to the smooth running of DCW’s responsible waste management service for businesses which ensures up to 65% of waste materials are sorted, baled, and sold for onward processing to create new materials and products in a wide variety of industries.

Any materials that cannot be recycled are sent to energy from waste plants, so nothing is landfilled.

With sustainability and the environment now firmly on many businesses’ agenda, DCW is now able to offer more environmentally friendly waste management services.

A spokesperson for DCW said: “We’re pleased to have the next four state-of-the-art vehicles on the road which is strengthening our ability to deliver exceptional service whilst focusing on ways to reduce our impact on the local environment. This delivery means we now have four of the seven new trucks in operation and are already benefiting from their larger capacity and new technology. we’re looking forward to the delivery of the last three vehicles, and our two new transporter vans, so we can continue to drive throughout 2024 with a stronger and more efficient fleet.”

DCW empties in excess of 10,000 containers across the South West every week, diverting more than 40,000 tonnes away from landfill each year. It was the first company in the South West to offer a Zero to Landfill solution, meaning that all materials that can be recycled, are. DCW’s Zero to Landfill solution helps support the waste management and recycling industry by providing materials for onward processing, recycling, and manufacturing. As well as its Zero to Landfill service for mixed commercial waste, DCW also provides specialist waste management services such as data destruction, WEEE disposal and site clearances.

For more information about DCW’s services, visit www.dcw.co.uk or call 01392 361300.