Flapjackery's flapjack eating devotees raise nearly £2500 for charity

Authored by Mary
Posted: Tuesday, October 31, 2023 - 22:24

Flapjackery, a Devon-based business renowned for its hand-crafted, artisan gluten-free flapjacks, is delighted to announce its shops have raised nearly £2,500 for charity.

The money was raised through a unique initiative that encourages customers to choose a more environmentally friendly option when they purchase flapjacks and other sweet treats.

Flapjackery, which has shops in Tavistock, Plymouth, Falmouth, St Ives, Minehead, Bath, Wells, Fordmore Farm Shop near Cullompton, and Dartmouth, has not only been satisfying those with a sweet tooth but has also inspired social responsibility.

The business rewards its nominated charity in each shop when customers choose to forgo bags or boxes with their purchases. It donates 20p to charity, and additionally, for every purchase of one of their charity boxes, 50p is donated.

The impact of this initiative is substantial, preventing over 10,000 cardboard boxes and carrier bags from going into recycling facilities.

Co-founder Carol Myott comments: “We’re delighted to be making our annual donation to charity. To raise such a substantial sum is thanks to the hard work of our shop staff who encourage people not to take their flapjacks home in boxes and bags. We also have charity flapjacks in each shop, with a proportion of each donated to charity.”

The donations collected will be distributed among its 2022 nominated charities: Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group, Plymouth RNLI, Minehead RNLI, St Ives RNLI, and Somerset & Dorset Air Ambulance.

Carol added: “We are so proud to support the RNLI, Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance  and Dartmoor Search and Rescue and will continue supporting more charities as we open more shops.”

Flapjackery was founded by Carol and Sally Jenkins in 2015 out of their mutual love of home baking. They started selling cakes at their local Farmers Market in Tavistock and quickly discovered a public love of flapjacks. Flapjackery was born, and now it has nine shops and outlets, a thriving online business, and its trade stands attend all the major shows and events throughout the UK.

Having opened new premises in Fowey and Fordmore Farmshop at Cullompton, and a temporary pop-up in Dartmouth, this year it will expand further with shops opening in Sidmouth and Lymington.

But Flapjackery remains unique. All its flapjacks are handmade at its Tavistock premises.

Carol said: “Every single flapjack that leaves our units has been handmade, including the toppings, chocolate handwriting, and wrapping of our smaller sweet treats. It's what keeps us unique and authentic and ensures every single flapjack is a little bit different!”

To find out more about Flapjackery please visit www.flapjackery.co.uk.g