Glamping in Italy: The trip you’ve been waiting for

Authored by Mary
Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - 23:05

Italy is home to various breathtaking natural wonders.  Glamping in Italy will allow you to experience its unique beaches and forests, and if you are searching for the best italian glamping sites you should continue reading this, as glamor and camping is the new trend.

Why should you camp without luxury? You can choose between eco-camping or beautiful lodges with luxury tents that look like design rooms, where you are pampered with five-star hotel services. You just have to decide whether you’ll be soothed by the sea waves or fall asleep among the hills, closer to the stars. With Driverso you can Luxury Car Hire in Italy and start your dream holiday.

The following are the best glamping sites in Italy.

  1. Glamping in Canonici Di San Marco

Located in Mirano, 13km far from Venice, this area offers an oasis of peace for a unique experience of culture and nature. You will receive a great hospitality experience in their luxurious tents while enjoying a seventeenth-century barn view. These glamping lodges are furnished in a unique style to add to the scenery. As it is located in a rural area, you can surround yourself with nature while being comfortable.

  1. Shauri glamping

If you love an experience that starts with the smell of thyme, wild sage and fennel, then this is it for you. You can connect with nature without missing any comfort at this place. In addition to the pristine landscape surrounded by love trees and almonds, you can enjoy four-star hospitality and feel at home.

  1.  Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Can you imagine waking up in a stone cave? Located in ancient caves in the village of Matera, this place will give you a breathtaking experience. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery with loved ones while on holiday. This unique location will ensure you learn the evolution of human history while having fun.

  1. The Lazy Olive Glamping

Located in Tuscany, near Siena, their Bohemian tents will ensure you have a relaxing or romantic break. You can experience fine Italian culture by exploring the hill towns and medieval villages. If you’re a wine lover, you shouldn’t pass up this site. They offer fine wine tasting from cellars of various Brunello producers. Moreover, connect with nature by walking by the organic vegetable garden. This location is popular for its white truffles. You can enjoy them after a productive picnic on a pristine hillside while enjoying the view.

  1. Fireflies and Figs

This is Italy’s first yurt glamping place which offers luxury in beautiful canvas yurts, furnished a pleasing en-suite Located on a hillside close to the Majella Mountains and not far from the sea, the landscape is best for relaxation. You can now enjoy the outdoors with comfort. Lounge in the king-size beds, shower in spacious bathrooms with a great view of nature.