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How to Practice Mindfulness for a Better Lifestyle?

We all live a rushed and hectic life fuelled by responsibilities and social burdens. We find ways to better our lives, but sometimes nothing seems to fall right into place. Things seem scattered, and getting a hold of them feels like a farfetched dream. This is where mindfulness comes in for...




Why is it still safe to go to the dentist even during a pandemic?

At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, UK residents were terrified of going to the dentist. This fear was primarily due to the widespread stress and anxiety about contracting the virus from a dentist, the clinic, or other patients. With so many variables, issues, ban on movement, isolation, and more, the rising number of coronaviruses made most people avoid getting the dental treatment they...

Interesting reasons why people aren’t going back to the gym

For many of us, the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how important health and fitness is, not just in terms of fighting off infection, but also in everyday life. So, when the gyms and fitness centres closed due to concerns over infections, finding ways to exercise and move our bodies more, despite being stuck at home, became the norm. Some of us turned to YouTube for daily exercise videos,...

North Devon District Hospital ICU has been nominated for Best Team at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards

North Devon District Hospital ICU has been nominated for Best Team at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards, broadcast on Channel 4 later this year.

This award honours any NHS or healthcare team on the front line or behind the scenes that has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

FALLING ill with Covid as the pandemic first began to grip in March 2020, Mandy Mitchell, the...

New research reveals how liver disease diagnosis in the South West is a postcode lottery

New research published in a leading GP journal shows that large parts of South West do not have an effective way of identifying people with liver disease,resulting in late diagnosis.

The research, produced from a survey undertaken by the British Liver Trust, used a Freedom of Information request, and shows for the first time how many areas across the region have little or no formal...

Six signs your eyes and ears could be telling you something about your health

People across Devon are being warned about six subtle signs that show their ears and eyes are telling them something serious about their health.

Just as simple headaches and sudden weight fluctuations can reveal deeper health concerns, eyes and ears can also give some clues that a potential health concern is happening in the body.

To help Devon people look out for the tell-...

What is a neck pillow and how does it work?

The Neck Pillow ( like this ) is an orthopedic product that provides a favorable position for the spine during sleep. Regular sleeping on this pillow reduces or eliminates neck pain. Proven.

Humans are just about the only upright creatures on Earth. We move around on two legs and pay the price for it with our health. Our spine is under immense strain and when things get bad, back and...

The Cake Whisperer urges Devon people: ‘pick your picnic personality’ to raise awareness of the need for better bones

Former The Great British Bake Off contestant uses her cake whispering skills to perfect all things picnic and urges people in Devon to join her to raise awareness of the need for better bones this summer.

Val Stones, who was a contestant on the popular show in 2016 and quickly became a fan favourite, is asking the public to hold a ‘Better Bones Picnic’ for health charity,...

Derriford Hospital to gain two additional operating theatres as part of national covid recovery funding

Derriford Hospital has secured national investment to expand its operating capacity, with work set to begin on two new modular operating theatres.

This development has secured funding from the national NHS Elective Recovery Fund to address the major impact of covid on hospital waiting times, as part of the Accelerator Programme.

The move will see the existing REI (...

Derriford Vaccination Hub closing on Friday 16 July

Derriford Vaccination Hub closing on Friday 16 July: “This will remain one of the greatest experiences of my career for the rest of my life”

The Covid-19 vaccination centre at the Derriford Centre for Health and Wellbeing (DCHW) will be closing its doors on Friday 16 July, 2021. The Hub has been phenomenally successful in delivering the national vaccination programme at a local level; vaccinating both hospital staff, other health and social care workers and the public.

The Hub opened in December and since then nearly 100,...

Celebrity chef backs hospitality vaccination campaign

Michelin-starred chef Michael Caines MBE is backing a campaign by Visit Devon and the NHS encouraging people working in the hospitality industry to have the Covid-19 vaccination.

Michael Caines is one of the UK’s most acclaimed chefs and has two Devon hospitality businesses; Lympstone Manor contemporary country house hotel overlooking the Exe Estuary, and Mickey’s Beach Bar and...

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